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Creating an Account

All users must create a user profile. If the user has previously registered on Turnitin, is an account administrator, or received an e-mail that indicates having been added to an account this section can be skipped. Users with existing profiles should skip to the Logging In section of this chapter.

If the user is new to Turnitin and has not been added to an account by the account administrator, an instructor profile must be created. To create an instructor profile, the account ID number and account join password are required. This information is needed to authorize a user to join the Turnitin account.


Note: The account ID and account join password may only be distributed by the Turnitin account administrator for an institution. Instructors wishing to access Turnitin must contact the appropriate personnel at the institution to receive the account ID and join password. Account administrators may distribute this data or may automatically enroll instructors via e-mail. Turnitin staff cannot distribute this information to any user.

Creating an Account


1. Go to and click on the Create Account link



2. Click on the instructor link



3. The Create a New Instructor Account form must be completed



4. Enter the account ID number and account join password for the institutional account



5. Enter the user first name, last name, and a valid e-mail address to use as the login for Turnitin



5b. You can also chose what format you would like your name to be displayed within Turnitin



6. Select a password for logging in. The password must be six to twelve characters including at least one letter and one number. The password is case sensitive. 



7. Select a secret question from the pull down menu and enter the answer. This answer is not case sensitive. Click on next to continue



8. At the bottom of the screen you will find the User Agreement for Turnitin. To continue using Turnitin, the user must click on the I agree - - create profile to access Turnitin


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Creating an Account


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