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Desire2Learn (BrightSpace)

D2L Brightspace LTI Integration

Turnitin may be integrated into Desire2Learn for use via LTI. The Turnitin LTI tool provides full support for the use of OriginalityCheck GradeMark, and PeerMark within Desire2Learn. Learn More about LTI

Legacy D2L Integration

  • Not recommended to new customers - superseded by the LTI integration
  • Supported primarily by Desire2Learn
  • Plug-in developed by Desire2Learn in cooperation with iParadigms, using the publicly available Turnitin API.
  • Allows access to Turnitin OriginalityCheck and GradeMark services (not PeerMark) without having to leave the Desire2Learn environment or log into Turnitin directly.
  • Turnitin OriginalityCheck and GradeMark are integrated into the standard Desire2Learn user interface, alongside other Desire2Learn components.
  • Allows unified management of assignments through the Desire2Learn user interface

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