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View Submissions

Revision Assistant allows you to view each step of a student’s writing process in addition to the final draft.  It saves a draft every time the student requests a Signal Check. The rubric ratings the essay received appears above that draft and comments appear in-line.  To view students' submission, teachers must first navigate to the Assignment Overview page.   Continue reading for the directions on this and more helpful hints about viewing students' writing. 


Navigating to the Assignment Overview Page


  1. Log in to Revision Assistant with your teacher credentials. 
  2. On your homepage, click on the title of the assignment you'd like to view.  
    This will bring you to the Assignment Overview page.

  3. From the Assignment Overview page, you can review student submissions by clicking one of these in the sidebar:
    the Student Progress button, or the Student Work Button.

    Student Progress Button Student Work Button


        What you'll find when you click:


    • A list of all students who turned in the assignment
    • Viewable drafts for submitted essays
    • Any prewriting for the submitted essays
    • Downloadable Current Drafts for submitted essays
    • The View Class Reports button
    • The Download Assignment Report button



        What you'll find when you click:


    • Viewable drafts for submitted essays
    • Any prewriting for the submitted essays
    • The Send [Student] a Message feature


Using the Student Progress Button


  1. Click Student Progress in the sidebar.  
    This will bring you to the Student Progress page.
  2. To quickly see a student's submission, click on the name of a student who turned in an assignment.  
    Students who turned in assignments will have a green check in the Turned In column.
  3. To download a student's Current Draft, check the box next a student's name and click Download Current Draft
    You cannot see Current Drafts for students who have not turned in their work. 
  4. Also on the Student Progress page are the View Class Reports and Download Assignment Report buttons.
    Visit the View Class Reports and Download Assignment Report pages for more on these handy report features!




Using the Student Work Button


  1. Click Student Work in the sidebar.  
    This will bring you to the Student Work page.
  2. To see students' work, click the arrows to the left and right of each student's name at the top right of the page.
  3. Scroll down on each student's page to review their drafts.





Sending Messages to Students


  1. To message student in our system, click Send [Student] a Message at the top of the Student Work page.
  2. Students can also send you messages with their submissions.  
    Any message from a student will appear above the version the message corresponds to.




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