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Revision Assistant Integrations Release Notes

The Revision Assistant team is committed to keeping our users as informed and involved with the product creation process as possible. In this light, we share these release notes with you.


Our release notes cover what we’re working on, things we’ve fixed, and known issues with potential workarounds.

Please read these notes before reporting a bug via ticket or email.


October 21st, 2016



Delayed or non-existent Signal Checks - All Signal Checks are processing. 

(see Release Note 10.19.2016)


What We've Been Working On

Once again the Research and Engineering teams have put their brains together (figuratively, of course) and made all of our lives a little better. 


System monitoring and update practices have been further optimized to detect and respond to future prompt and Signal Check processing situations. 


October 19th, 2016


Known Issue

Delayed or non-existent Signal Checks


Prompts London Eyes Open and Question Everything may experience delayed Signal Checks.

We are monitoring the situation and are hoping to have a fix in before the end of the week.




October 17th, 2016




Submission Navigation Sub-header

The navigation sub-header has been restored to the Student Work Page.Instructors can once again navigate student submissions by clicking the arrows to the right and left of students' names. 


For more information on reviewing student submissions, click here




October 13th, 2016


What We’ve Been Working On


Big Picture

Revision Assistant just finished some more back to school preparations. Now, Revision Assistant better recognizes elements of student essays, and better applies the off-topic notifications.


Off-topic Notifications
Repeated prewriting content in the writing space is no longer analyzed for signal checks. Instead, only the topmost, most recent draft is considered for feedback. Multiple copies of the same essay within a draft space should still return off-topic notifications. If questionable off-topic notifications are received, try removing any duplicated essay content from the current draft and request another Signal Check.

Feedback and Scoring
Updated scoring models better differentiate essays falling somewhere in between rubric scores. Similarly,the update also allows Revision Assistant to more accurately locate the parts of an essay that make it strong or weak for comment application.

Particularly long sentences will be less likely to get labeled as 'strong' for a rubric trait, unless they are legitimately strong sentences.

Specific changes to how quoted text and dialogue within narrative prompts is selected will increase narrative prompt comment accuracy.




September 21st 2016


Feature Update

Downloadable Score Report


The Download Score Report feature is neither gone nor forgotten. It is, however, no longer displayed in the side-navigation menu.


Downloading the Score Report is now only located on the Student Progress page.

To download the Score Report for an assignment, navigate to the Student Progress page and click the download link found above the progress bar.


To learn more about downloading the score report, click here.

06.10.2016 Edit section

June 10th 2016


What We've Been Working On 

The wait is over.

The Scope and Sequence breakdown of our Prompt library can be viewed on our help center page  or downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. 


June 2nd 2016


New Feature

Downloadable Student Work


Instructors, student work is now downloadable!


Within an assignment, from the Student Progress page, click on the “Download Current Draft” button to download students’ work in PDF form. Instructors will be able to download and print individual essays as well as in bulk.



Downloaded work will consist of the current draft at the time of the most recent Signal Check. The download will also include a cover sheet detailing the class, assignment name, and a list of students whose essays have been downloaded. The downloaded essays will not include Signal Checks or comments.


May 31st 2016


Password Reset

The password reset feature now successfully redirects you to your homepage.

Previously, the password reset feature would not redirect the user, giving the impression that the password was not actually reset. This has been fixed.

To ensure users enter the correct email address when resetting their password, the following notification displays: "Please check your email address and try again."

What We’ve Been Working On
Date Format




Formatting for dates seen on student and teacher assignment tiles as well as assignment creation and editing pages have been updated to reflect U.S. date format. MM/DD/YYYY.


May 26th 2016



AP prompts and other assignments are no longer experiencing Signal Check delays. 



May 24th 2016


New Feature

Printable Assignments

Teachers can now download assignments for printing directly from the assignment page. Click ‘Assignment PDF’ for the assignment to export and open in a new tab.




Known Issue


Signal Check Delays

Certain complex prompts involving multiple sources, particularly AP assignments, are currently experiencing longer wait times for Signal Checks. Students may wait up to 10-20 seconds without receiving a Signal Check.


The most effected prompts are: 

Last Child

Local and Global Powers

Mediterranean Transformations


Owning the Self

The Role of the State


If this occurs, they will receive a message asking them to ‘Try again’ and refresh their browser. This should circumvent the issue in the short-term. We are working to improve the speed of these Signal Checks and will have another update soon.



What We’ve Been Working On


Narrative Prompts

New comments provide specific feedback on the application and use of dialogue in narrative prompts.


Essay Length Validator

Essay length requirements for a Signal Check have been increased from 3 sentences to 5. Any essay submitted for a Signal Check that has fewer than 5 sentences will now receive the "Keep Writing!" validator instead of a Signal Check. Subsequently, the update should provide more accurate feedback as well as decrease the writer’s chances on receiving a potentially invalid “Off Topic” message.


The improved “Keep Writing!” validator now recognizes shorter sentences and sentence-splitting. Sentence-splitting is when sentence punctuation is abnormal or the sentence ends unusually; with an abbreviation for example. This update provides Revision Assistant with the ability to comment on shorter potentially incomplete sentences.



May 17th 2016


Feature Update

Grade Level Filtering 

To serve a wider variety of educational opportunities, the “College” label has been changed to “Higher Education” in the  prompt library filter. 


The ‘College’ to ‘Higher Education’ label change is also reflected in the Skill Level section from the assignment view page.



May 12th 2016


Teacher-student messaging on IE 11 (Internet Explorer version 11) has been fixed. 

Teachers no longer receive an error message when trying to send messages in-system. 


May 6th 2016


What We've Been Working On


Upgraded Comments

After research and requests from some of our teachers,  we've decided to upgrade some of the comments writers receive from Revision Assistant.


Language Comments

Comments aligned to the Language dimensions of rubrics are more targeted to student needs and more effective at helping students improve. Rather than focusing on repetitive structure, comments now help students think about how their writing style affects their readers. These comments will be much more useful for emerging writers, and will encourage proficient writers to hone their personal writing style.


Tailored prompt comments

More comments make direct references to prompt information.

For example, a comment could ask "How does this add to your point about what Haslam has learned from his grandma?" instead of "How does this add to your overall point?".




Composition Space Clean Up
Pasting into the composition space no longer generates additional blank space (padding) above the essay text.



March 25th 2016


New Features


Prompt Library Updates
Grade level filtering

Exploring prompts just got easier. We've added AP and college filter categories as well as the filtering of source-based prompts.





Prompt Tile Updates
Prompt tiles in the prompt library now display AP tags, and if the prompt incorporates sources.




What We've Been Working On

Changes to the Assignment View page

Assignment information found to the right of the prompt text now shows "Skill Level" with suggested grade ranges including AP and college level, and a "Genre" section to replace. "Tags".





March 23rd  2016

Update 03.18.2016 / 03.21.2016



Prewriting tool: All prewriting buttons function correctly on Firefox. 


March 21st  2016

Update 03.18.2016 

Available Workaround
Known Issue

Prewriting tool: unavailable on Firefox

Clicking the "Start Prewriting" button in Firefox results in a crash. 



Prewriting in Firefox is available by clicking the "Start Prewriting" button located directly above the writing space. 




All other Prewriting buttons on Firefox still causes crashes. 


March 21st  2016


Update 03.18.2016

Clicking on the Prewriting tool button causes crashes on Firefox. No workaround. 
Known Issue

Prewriting tool: unavailable on Firefox

Clicking the "Start Prewriting" button in Firefox results in a crash. 


Update to latest version of Firefox. (Click here for directions how to update Firefox.)


March 18th  2016


Internet Explorer draft navigation issues have been fixed.

Scrolling through multiple drafts no longer crashes Revision Assistant.

Known Issue

Prewriting tool: unavailable on Firefox

Clicking the "Start Prewriting" button in Firefox results in a crash. 


Update to latest version of Firefox. (Click here for directions how to update Firefox.)



March 11th  2016


What We've Been Working On
Prior to requesting a Signal Check, Students' prewriting text no longer overwrites existing text in the writing space. Prewriting sent to the writing space now appears above any existing text. 

New Content
We pushed a new AP prompt! You should be able to see the  new prompt in the 

Prompt Library:
AP English Language and Composition— Memorialize 



March 10th  2016



Revision Assistant is now LTI 1.1compliant.


For more details click here


March 4th  2016


First things first, you can now access these release notes directly from Revision Assistant. 

Click on the "Updates" link in the footer of any page in Revision Assistant and you'll be taken right here. 



What We've Been Working On


  • Authentication
    •  Closing Revision Assistant's window or tab in your internet browser now logs you out of Revision Assistant.



March 1st  2016

FIXED - 02.29.2016


All "Submit a Ticket" buttons now work correctly. 






Feb 29th 2016

Current Issue

The submit a ticket function for the Revision Assistant Help Center is currently navigating to the incorrect page. If you are experiencing an issue with Revision Assistant and would like to submit a ticket, please click below: 




Feb 19th 2016

New Content

  • We pushed 2 new AP prompts! You should be able to see the following new prompts in the prompt library: 
    • 2 AP Prompts: AP Language and Composition— Last Child and AP World History— Local and Global Powers


What We've Been Working On

  • Prompt titles are now visible on teacher assignment pages. 





  • Date selection issues are now required to be positive integers and the date format has been amended to dd/mm/yyyy. 
  • Same-day deadlines available for assignment creation. 


Feb 12th 2016 

New Feature

  • Genre-specific prewriting: Each prompt type (Argumentative,Informative, and Narrative) now has a genre-specific prewriting section highlighting the differences between genre requirements.


Argumentative prewriting


Informative Prewriting


Narrative Prewriting


What We’ve Been Working On

  • Signal Check spamming: students can no longer click the Signal Check button multiple times while simultaneously requesting a Signal Check. This will prevent students from over-populating draft lists. 
  • Previous draft copy/paste: text from previous drafts were able to be copied/pasted into other existing drafts on both the student and teacher accounts - this is no longer possible. 





Feb 5th 2016

New Content

  • We pushed 5 new prompts! You should be able to see the following new prompts in the prompt library: 
    • 3 AP Prompts: AP English—Owning the Self, AP History—Mediterranean Transformations, AP History—Role of the State
    • 2 Single Dimension Rubric prompts: Martin, The Horned Toad 


What We’ve Been Working On

  • In the Teacher's navigation, what was once labeled "Student Roster" is now labeled "Student Progress."  


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