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Feedback Studio Success Kit

The beta period for Feedback Studio has finished. Read more about Feedback Studio by following this link


Turnitin Feedback Studio is Turnitin reimagined for the modern classroom. Feedback Studio is available now for existing users of Turnitin in schools and institutions.


Try the demo


View a video comparison of Feedback Studio and Turnitin Classic


This Success Kit has been designed to help you get started with Turnitin Feedback Studio. Enable Turnitin Feedback Studio in your existing account for all of your faculty and students, or create a sub account and trial the Feedback Studio with a select group of faculty and students before making it available campus wide.

Here are all of the resources you need as an administrator to get started with Turnitin Feedback Studio:



    Looking for user guidance? Visit Turnitin Feedback Studio's instructor or student guide.


    Translated Turnitin Feedback Studio success kits:


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    We're collecting feedback from customers to understand how we can improve Turnitin. Example activities include interviews and usability testing. Sessions usually last 30-60 minutes.


    Your feedback is tremendously valuable as it will help inform future product decisions. We hope to hear from you soon!


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