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Email Template to Send to Faculty/Staff

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The email template below are designed to provide a starting point for communicating with your instructors and faculty about the upgrade to Turnitin Feedback Studio. Please select the version that is most appropriate for your region.


Suggested Subject Line: Important Turnitin Update at [Institution Name]


Hello [First Name],


Turnitin has released a major product upgrade that will soon be available at [Institution Name]. The new version of the service, called Turnitin Feedback Studio, offers all the functionalities of Turnitin, but with a simplified, more intuitive interface designed for the modern classroom. Turnitin Feedback Studio will make it faster and easier than ever to promote academic integrity, provide actionable feedback, and evaluate student learning at [Institution Name].


We plan to upgrade our version of Turnitin to Feedback Studio on [date]. Once upgraded, you can expect to see a new interface when you open up a student’s paper in Turnitin. Your students will also experience this new and improved interface when viewing Similarity Reports and receiving feedback.


To get acquainted with the upgraded Turnitin Feedback Studio and prepare for a successful implementation, you can:


Try out an interactive demo

Review the Feedback Studio Instructor Guide {or a link to your updated documentation}

Review the Feedback Studio Student Guide {or a link to your updated documentation}



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