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How to Trial Feedback Studio With a Subset of Users


We expect that many of our customers would like to trial Feedback Studio before enabling it system wide for all of their Turnitin users. This guide will assist you in performing an initial trial.

Creating a New Account to Test Feedback Studio Mode


Please note that the creation of a new account specifically for Feedback Studio is only necessary if a Feedback Studio test sub-account does not already exist.


1. Log into the system as an administrator


2. Create a sub-account under your production account by clicking on the green plus icon under the New Account column to the right of your main account



3. When filling out the account name and information, do not fill out the sub-administrator information fields if you will be the administrator for this account.

Adding Instructors to the Sub-Account


Once the instructors are added to the trial sub-account they will have Feedback Studio access on this account. Feedback Studio users are able to toggle back to the classic version of Turnitin from within the interface.


1. Click the instructors icon next to the new account’s name.


2. Add yourself to the sub-account as an instructor.


3. Either add the instructors individually, or upload an instructor list to the account.


Note: For further guidance on adding instructors to an account, click here.


Adding Students to the Sub-Account as an Administrator


1. Log into your Turnitin account.


2. As you should already be an instructor on the sub-account, select Instructor from the user drop-down menu at the top of the page.



4. Create a class on the Feedback Studio sub-account as an instructor.


5. Enroll the students you would like to have access to Feedback Studio.


5a. Click on the class name.


5b. Click on the Students tab.


5c. Either upload a list of students or add students individually. For further guidance on adding students to a class, click here.


6. Once added, your students will have access to Feedback Studio from this account.


Note: Feedback Studio users are able to toggle back to the classic version of Turnitin from within the interface.

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