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Multiple Markers (Beta)

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We are in the process of designing and developing a solution to support multiple marking workflows from: moderation, second marking, and double blind marking.


To ensure we are moving in the right direction, we're meeting with customers to understand how we can best support marking collaboration at institutions. Example activities include interviews and usability testing. Sessions usually last 30-60 minutes.

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Please be informed that Multiple Markers is currently only available for integration users that use an LMS/VLE which supports multiple instructors. Multiple Markers also works within a master class when accessing Turnitin directly from the website.


Feature Overview:

  • Markers may now leave their own layer of marks on a student’s submission. 
  • Bubble comments and QuickMarks will include the marker’s initials, to allow markers a way to identify who left which mark.
  • Visibility of each marker’s feedback on the student submission may be layered on or off.
  • The overall grade field and feedback side panels are currently shared amongst markers.
    • To prevent markers from accidentally seeing each other’s comments in the side panels, we recommend setting up QuickMarks to capture this feedback. E.g., use a QuickMark labeled “Rubric” to contain markers’ rubric scoring.
    • QuickMarks offer the advantage of expanding and collapsing, so we believe this will help prevent markers from accidentally seeing feedback details. Moreover, QuickMarks display titles, so a marker can create “Rubric”, “General Comments”, and “Grade” and skim to find a particular type of feedback.
    • After markers review feedback together, we recommend moving agreed-upon feedback protected in QuickMarks to the grade field and feedback side panels to present to the student.


View more information about Multiple Markers.



  • Multiple marking is not supported on the iPad app.
  • Markers can currently edit and remove other marker’s feedback.
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