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Multiple Markers (Beta)

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We are in the process of designing and developing a solution to support multiple marking workflows from: moderation, second marking, and double blind marking.


Please be informed that Multiple Markers is currently only available for integration users that use an LMS/VLE which supports multiple instructors. Multiple Markers also works within a master class when accessing Turnitin directly from the website.


Feature Overview:

  • Markers may now leave their own layer of marks on a student’s submission. 
  • Bubble comments and QuickMarks will include the marker’s initials, to allow markers a way to identify who left which mark.
  • Visibility of each marker’s feedback on the student submission may be layered on or off.
  • The overall grade field and feedback side panels are currently shared amongst markers.
    • To prevent markers from accidentally seeing each other’s comments in the side panels, we recommend setting up QuickMarks to capture this feedback. E.g., use a QuickMark labeled “Rubric” to contain markers’ rubric scoring.
    • QuickMarks offer the advantage of expanding and collapsing, so we believe this will help prevent markers from accidentally seeing feedback details. Moreover, QuickMarks display titles, so a marker can create “Rubric”, “General Comments”, and “Grade” and skim to find a particular type of feedback.
    • After markers review feedback together, we recommend moving agreed-upon feedback protected in QuickMarks to the grade field and feedback side panels to present to the student.


View more information about Multiple Markers.



  • Multiple marking is not supported on the iPad app.
  • Markers can currently edit and remove other marker’s feedback.
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