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Quick Start Guide



This Quickstart will help you get your instructors started using Turnitin. The activation e-mail we send you contains your user email address and user key. It also contains an account ID and account join key.


Your instructors will NOT need this information. Your instructors will need the account ID and account join key. If you have an activation email, please do not forward it to your instructors since it contains your personal login information. Instead, send the account ID and account join key to your instructors in a new e-mail. You should also include this link to our instructor quickstart guide:


If you do not have your account ID and account join key, the steps in this guide will help you locate this information within your account.

Step 1 - Sign In


To log in to Turnitin, go to or and select your language from the drop-down menu.


Click on the "Log In" button. Enter your e-mail address and user password and click on the "Log In" button.


Please make sure you are using the e-mail address and password that you entered during the registration process. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking the "Reset Password" link next to the "Log In" button.


Step 2 - Account Information


Once logged in, you will see your institution's name. The number to the left of your institution's name is your account ID. To view your account join key, click on the Edit button next to your account.


The Modify Account page shows your account's join key.


You should distribute your account ID and account join key to your instructors. Be sure to include this link to our Instructor Quickstart:


This is all your instructors will need to get started with Turnitin.


Return to your administrator homepage by clicking the Accounts tab.


Step 3 - Adding Instructors Manually


Also, you can manually add instructors to your account. To add an instructor, click the Instructors tab on your administrator homepage.


Your instructor list shows the instructors joined to your account. If no one has joined your account, only your name will appear. To add an instructor, click the "Add Instructor" button.


Enter the name and e-mail address of the instructor you would like to add and click "Submit".


The instructor will show up on your instructor list.


Step 4 - Submitting a Paper


If you would like to submit papers to Turnitin, you need to change your user type to an Instructor. You can do so by clicking on Instructor from the user type drop down menu at the top of any page within your account.


As an instructor, you have the ability to set up classes, submit papers, and view Originality Reports. Please refer to our Instructor Quickstart Guide for the continued steps. You can skip ahead to step 3 of the Quickstart since you already have a profile and do not need to join your own account.

Quickstart Training Video


Additional Support


As an administrator, adding instructors to your account is the only task necessary for administering an account. If you need further assistance with Turnitin or would like to learn about the advanced features our system offers you can view all our other documentation here.

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