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I need to permanently delete a paper

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A student submission can be permanently deleted from the Turnitin database so that it can no longer be used as a searchable source. For contractual reasons, all paper deletion requests must be submitted in writing by the Turnitin administrator.


Rather than having to delete papers from the database, instructors may find it easier to create assignments that will not store submitted papers in the Turnitin database. They should select No repository when creating or amending an assignment. For further information view our repository options guidance.

Raise a support ticket

To make your request, visit and use the support wizard to raise a ticket with Turnitin Support.


Provide the following information:


• Class ID
• Assignment name
• Submission ID associated with the paper


You will then receive a ticket confirmation by email.


So that we can validate your request, you must respond to this confirmation email (even if it's a blank response!); this will allow us to match your ‘reply to’ email address with the email address held on file for you.

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