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Adding users

As an account administrator, you can manage users within your account. To add a user, you must enter a valid email address. You can also choose whether a user will be an administrator (like yourself) or a user with fewer permissions.



Select the Users tab from the sidebar. 


Select the Add User button.




Enter the name, email address, and role of the user you wish to add to the account.


If you would like to add more than one user at a time, hit the Add More button.

You cannot add more than 10 users at a time. 


The Email Invitation button will send an invite to the users that you have entered valid details for. It is now up to the user to set up their account.



The Cancel button will take you back to the Users list. You will lose all the details you have entered so far.


Resending an activation email


Use the checkbox to select the user from the user list. Once selected, you can resend a user's activation email by selecting Resend Invite.


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