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Frequently Asked Question

Does the tool detect contact cheating

No. Just like our similarity checking tool we help gather evidence but we never make a determination whether misconduct occurred. Our tool may be used to decide whether additional investigation is required but the responsibility for the judgement of any academic misconduct lies solely in the hands of the members of the university.

How many documents can I compare against my investigation file at once?

You can compare up to ten files against one investigation file.

Which documents should I compare?

The recommended use is to compare similar documents with regards to subject matter or genre. The service will still generate a report if comparing documents across subject matter but will reduce the confidence in the probability provided.

What file types are compatible?


What's the maximum file size?


How do I interpret the results?

The results produced from a document comparison is made up of a style difference probability, the document metadata, and select document features used to predict the probability of authorship for a file.


The probability that the document in question was not written by the author of the comparison documents indicates whether further investigation is needed for the suspicious work.


The higher the probability the more likely it is that the base document was written by a different author.


See our guidance on how to interpret it your investigation report.


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