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Logging in as a Student

If you are using Feedback Studio through an integration with a learning management system, please log in to Turnitin via your LMS. Feedback Studio for iPad is only available to students using the Turnitin service directly.

Logging in with an Email Address


To log into the Turnitin Feedback Studio iPad app, you must have a Turnitin user profile associated with a valid institutional Turnitin account. You must have your login credentials (or access code for instructors) available to gain access to your Turnitin account. If you do not have a Turnitin account, please visit instructor or student guidance for setting up a new account.  


If you log into Turnitin directly, enter your email address and password, then tap the Log In button.





Note: If you have forgotten your password, click here for guidance on resetting your password.

Logging in After Password Reset


Feedback Studio for iPad updates to identify any incorrect or outdated login credentials. If your password is changed while the app is linked to Turnitin, a prompt will appear advising of this change and will encourage you to correct the issue.



You are given five attempts to enter your new password.



If all five attempts fail, you will, at this point, be warned that you are working offline and your data will not sync to the server.



Note: Whenever you attempt to complete a task involving sending or receiving data to or from the Turnitin server, you will be encouraged to enter your new password. Initially, you may defer the process of entering your new password and can continue with your work. Any unsynced data created after the password change will be synced automatically to the server.


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