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Student Submission Inbox Archived

Key assignment information is available directly from Feedback Studio for iPad. From the assignment information page, you can do the following:


  • Access your scores and feedback
  • View your digital receipt
  • Read assignment instructions detailed by your instructor
  • Identify whether your instructor has allowed late submissions
  • Identify whether your instructor has allowed resubmissions
  • View the rubric that your instructor will use to grade your paper
  • View key assignment dates at a glance
  • Email your instructor directly from your iPad

Accessing the Inbox



Tap your class name from the Classes page.



Tap on the correct assignment from the assignments list. Each assignment will show the assignment's due date and submission status. Tap the assignment to view assignment information in full.



Assignment information is now available on-screen. If you have already submitted your paper to Feedback Studio for iPad, you can access your scores and feedback, as well as your digital receipt.

Note: If you still need to submit, you can submit your paper from this page, too. Click here to view guidance on submitting your paper.


Example assignment information:



Viewing a Rubric or Grading Form


The assignment rubric or grading form allows you to view the criteria and scale that your paper will be marked against.



To view how your paper was graded, from the assignment information page, either click View Rubric or View Grading Form beneath the assignment instructions.



The assignment rubric or grading form can now be viewed on-screen. Click Close to return to the assignment information page.

  Example rubric scorecard:



Example grading form:



Note: You are able to view an assignment's rubric or grading form at any time before or after making a submission to Turnitin.


Viewing a Digital Receipt


Your digital receipt confirms your submission and details the following:


  • Submission author
  • Submission date
  • Submission ID
  • Submission title
  • File name and size
  • Page, word, and character count



Tap View Digital Receipt from the assignment information page. 

Note: You will not be emailed your digital receipt for an iPad submission. The email sent is simply a confirmation of your submission.



Your digital receipt can now be viewed on-screen. Click Close to return to the assignment information screen.


Downloading a Digital Receipt


Tap the download icon from the right-hand corner of your digital receipt to save it to your iPad. You will be prompted to select a download destination.



Reloading a Submission


Should you encounter any issues with accessing or viewing feedback from your instructor, you can reload the submission from the server. This will remove the submission from your iPad app and re-download it from the Turnitin server.



To reload an individual submission, long press (hold your finger down) on Scores and Feedback on the assignment information page.



A prompt will ask whether you would like to reload or cancel. Tap Reload to reload the submission and try to access your feedback again.

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