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Adding bubble comments


To add a comment to the paper or to a specific piece of text in the paper, tap anywhere on the paper, then tap the speech mark bubble comment icon from the in-context marking menu.



A pop-up box will appear, allowing you to type your comment into the text box.


Tap anywhere outside of the pop-up to exit and save.


Associating a bubble comment with a criterion


To associate your bubble comment with a criterion, tap Assign Criterion; this will appear as None by default.




Select a criterion from the list.


Tap anywhere outside of the pop-up to save and exit. Your bubble comment will now appear as a criterion icon inside a speech bubble.


Deleting and editing a bubble comment

You can delete a bubble comment by tapping the comment, then Delete.


You can also edit the criterion association and bubble comment at any time by tapping on the bubble comment icon from the document viewer.


Converting bubble comments to QuickMarks


To use the same comment in the future as a QuickMark, tap on a bubble comment, then click the Save as QuickMark.


Enter the QuickMark title and select an appropriate set to add the QuickMark to.




Tap Save to finish customizing your QuickMark. Your converted QuickMark will now appear on the paper.

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