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Viewing Paper Feedback

Turnitin Feedback Studio for iPad allows you to view any feedback left by your instructor, whether this is on-paper feedback, including in-line comments, bubble comments, and QuickMarks, or general feedback, such as voice comments. You can find out when your feedback will be available by viewing the assignment information page.


When your feedback is ready, you will be notified within the app. Simply tap the bell icon at the top of the page, then select the notification to be directed to your paper.

Accessing the Document Viewer



Tap your class name from the Classes page.


Note: Class sections are useful when sections of a class are taught by different instructors (referred to as teaching assistants in a Turnitin master class). This allows different instructors to assign work to students related to their own section, as well as provide feedback on this work.



Tap on the correct assignment from the assignments list. Each assignment will show the assignment's due date and submission status.


Tap the assignment to view assignment information in full.



To view your grade and any feedback provided by your instructor, from the assignment information page, tap View Scores and Feedback to access the document viewer.



You are now able to view your grade in the top right-hand corner of the document viewer, and see all on-paper feedback.


Tap on any QuickMarks and bubble comments to view your feedback in more detail.



General Instructor Feedback


From the Instructor Feedback page, you have access to the following:


  • Your grade

  • Your instructor's text comment

  • Your instructor's voice comment

  • The rubric used to grade your paper

  • Your submission information

  • Your similarity score


Tap the speech bubble icon from the top of the document viewer to view your general feedback.



Voice Comments


To play your instructor's voice comment, simply use the play and pause icons on the Instructor Feedback page.




Note: To listen, you may be required to allow the Feedback Studio for iPad app to access your microphone.


Rubrics and Grading Forms


Rubric scorecards can be used to evaluate student work, based on defined criteria and scales. Grading forms can be used to provide free-form feedback and scores to evaluate student work based on defined criteria.




If your instructor has used a rubric scorecard to grade your paper, you can view the criteria and scale that they have used to grade.



From the Instructor Feedback page, tap the View Rubricbutton.



You are now able to view the rubric items selected by your instructor.


Grading Forms


If your instructor has used a grading form to grade your paper, you can view the score and comments they have given for each criterion in the grading form.



From the Instructor Feedback page, tap the Grading Form button.


 You are now able to view the grades provided for each criterion, alongside any comments your instructor may have left.

Reloading a Submission


Should you encounter any issues with accessing or viewing feedback from your instructor, you can reload the submission from the server. This will remove the submission from your iPad app and re-download it from the Turnitin server.



To reload an individual submission, long press (hold your finger down) on Scores and Feedback on the assignment information page.



A prompt will ask whether you would like to reload or cancel. Tap Reload to reload the submission and try to access your feedback again.

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