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Get Started as a TurnitinUK Administrator

Setting up your Turnitin account is easy when you know how. In just three quick steps, learn more about Turnitin’s account management tools and how to get your instructors started. At the end of this tutorial, you can put these steps into practice.

Create Your Password  

You’ll need your email address and last name to create your Turnitin account password and set your security information. You can then log into Turnitin.

Customize Your Account  

Adjust your institution’s default settings to ensure instructors and students are using Turnitin in a way that suits your requirements.

1. Click the Accounts tab from any Turnitin page to direct you to the homepage

2. Alongside the relevant account, select the cog icon under Edit

3. In the Modify Account page, confirm the account name and join key are correct, along with your personal details

4. Use the checkboxes to select the Turnitin features you’d like to activate

5. The Paper repository options drop down list will allow you to choose how student papers will be stored

6. Using the next checkbox, opt to allow any file type or only those that generate a Similarity Report

7. Allow or limit your instructors’ access to student paper sources using the Paper source release drop down list

8. Remember to click Submit to save your changes

Add Instructors

There are three routes available for adding instructors. You may find it convenient to add instructors one by one, or add a large portion of instructors at once by uploading a list. Alternatively, why not allow your instructors to join themselves at their own pace?

Add Instructors One by One

1. Click the Instructors tab from the top right of any page in Turnitin

2. From the Instructors page, click the Add Instructor button to the right

3. Enter the instructor’s first name, last name, and email address

4. Click Submit to add the instructor

Upload a List of Instructors

1. In a Word™ or plain text file, each instructor should be written as: first name, surname, email address with one instructor per line. In Excel™, separate the first name, surname, and email address into different cells in a column.

2. Click the Instructors tab from the top right of any page in Turnitin

3. From the Instructors page, click the Upload List button

4. Click the Choose file button and browse for the plain text, Word, or Excel file that you wish to upload

5. Once the file has uploaded, click the Submit button to upload

6. Check the instructor details displayed on screen, then click yes, submit to add the instructors, or no, go back to amend the file

Allow Instructors to Self-Join

1. You’ll find a five-digit Account ID and Account Join Key in your Turnitin welcome email. Pass these details onto your instructors. If you no longer have access to this email, follow steps 2 to 7.

2. Click the Accounts tab from any Turnitin page. This will direct you to the homepage

3. Make a note of the five-digit Account ID for the account you would like your instructors to join

4. Next, select the cog icon under Edit

5. From the Modify Account page, make a note of the join key

6. Pass the account ID and join key to the instructors

7. Ensure this information is kept safe at all times

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