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e-rater® Grammar Check Technology

The e-rater grammar feedback technology, developed by ETS®, automatically checks submissions to an assignment for grammar, usage, mechanics, style and spelling errors; providing in-depth feedback with on paper marks. To use e-rater® technology for an assignment it must be enabled during assignment creation.

When is e-rater® Feedback Released to Students?



e-rater grammar and spelling check comments are not automatically shown to the student. These comments are released, with all other comments, on the assignment post-date. Students will also not see e-rater comments if the assignment has not been opened by the instructor and if no comments have been left on the paper.

When viewing a paper in the document viewer for an assignment with e-rater settings enabled, e-rater technology will load the grammar and spelling marks once the document viewer is opened.


Note: It may take up to a minute for the e-rater feedback to load onto the paper.

Coming Soon - No more waiting, immediate e-rater® feedback


e-rater® grammar and spelling check comments will be automatically available for students immediately after submission. Instructors can also view e-rater® feedback but will no longer be necessary for instructors to view a submission for students to receive feedback.


e-rater® Feedback


The e-rater®  feedback appears on the paper as purple comments. Click on any mark to view the description of the e-rater feedback.


The e-rater® Side Panel


The e-rater side panel displays the five e-rater trait categories and the number of each type of mark found for the paper. To access the ETS side panel, click the purple ETS icon at the bottom of the product toolbar.



Hiding Feedback Categories


The e-rater®  sidebar displays each feedback category, a list of the traits for the category and the number of marks for each trait. The marks for a category can be hidden from the paper by un-checking the check box next to the category name.


Note: During assignment creation, you can select which categories are hidden by default for all papers submitted to the assignment.


Dismissing and Revealing Marks


e-rater® marks can be dismissed from the document viewer by clicking on the mark, then clicking Dismiss. 





If you opt to dismiss any e-rater marks from the paper, the top of the e-rater side panel will track the number of dismissed marks. You can restore all dismissed marks by clicking on the Reveal All button.


Adding a Comment to an e-rater® Mark


To add an additional comment to the e-rater mark click in the Add comment text box and start typing. Click anywhere outside of the text box to save the comment.


You can edit the comment in the same way you add a comment to the mark.


To delete the comment, return to the mark, click in the text box, highlight all text and press the delete or backspace button on your keyboard.


A speech bubble alongside the e-rater mark allows you and your students to identify whether or not a comment has been added to the mark.


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