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Can I use Turnitin without joining an account?


No. Turnitin requires you to join to an account before you can use it. You can get this information from your school's account administrator. Individual accounts are not available.

I forgot the enrollment key that I assigned for my class...


You can access the class enrollment information for a class by clicking on the gear icon found beside each class in the Instructor Homepage. From this page you can make changes to your class name, end date, and enrollment key.

How do I get my students started? Some of them do not have e-mail addresses or access to e-mail at school.


Student accounts can be created in two ways. Students can register themselves and enroll in a class or instructors can enroll students into a class directly and accounts will be automatically generated for them. 


If you choose to have your students register independently they will have to create a user profile on or You will need to provide them with the Class ID and the Enrollment Key.


Note: If your students are not able to use valid e-mail addresses for registration purposes, please have them create a user profile using a 'fake' e-mail address. To avoid accidentally using a real e-mail address belonging to someone else, make sure you choose a domain that you know does not exist. Do not use real email domains such as gmail.


For example, is good because there is no such domain Make sure students remember the email address they used to create an account with so they can sign on in the future.


Please note that students using fake email addresses cannot be sent any information through email, including digital receipts and emailed links to reset their passwords. Students can submit papers; they will also have the opportunity to print their digital receipts after they submit their paper.


Full guidance for students can be found by following this link

How do I enroll students myself?


1. Navigate to the class you would like to add the student to

2. Click on the Students tab

3. Click the Add Student button

4. Enter the student's first name, last name, and e-mail address

5. Click submit.


Once you have added a student, Turnitin will send the student an e-mail containing a temporary password. They will now be able to use this information to log in and start submitting files. 


Should a student already have a Turnitin account they'll receive an email telling them that they've been added to this class and can now login using their usual details. 


Full guidance for students can be found by following this link

I logged in and I don't see my classes. The homepage I am seeing doesn't look like my instructor homepage. How do I get to my classes?  

Your default user type is set to either student or administrator. To change your user type:


1. Log in to your Turnitin account

2. Once you are logged in, select the user type from the navigation bar at the top of the screen

3. Choose your user type accordingly and click Submit


You can change your default user type to instructor so that you will always log in as an instructor.


1. Log in to your Turnitin account

2. Once you are logged in, select user info from the navigation bar

3. Locate the drop down menu labeled default user type. Select instructor as your user type and click Submit.


If you have multiple user types, you will want to choose the user type you use most often as your default. You can then switch user types using the method outlined above.

Submitting Papers

Can I submit papers in languages other than English?  


Our search engine gathers content from web sites based on the ISO-8559-1 character set (Latin script). Therefore, you may submit papers composed in Latin script regardless of language.


Please note that our system does not by default translate documents in order to detect matching text. For more information about Translated Matching follow this link

How do I submit a student's paper?


1. Log in to your Turnitin account and enter your class by clicking on its title.

2. Either click View for the assignment you would like to submit to or click More Actions > Submit

2b. Select the Submit File button.

3. Use the drop-down menu labeled Submit Paper: to choose your submission method.

4. If you are submitting a paper for a student who is already enrolled in your class, you may select his or her e-mail address using the drop-down menu labeled Author. Complete the form and submit.

For complete guidance on submitting files follow this link

Is there a way for me to submit multiple files at the same time?

Turnitin allows instructors to upload multiple files to accommodate users who wish to submit a large number of papers at once. You can upload files in a batch or by adding them to a zip file. 


1. Log in to your Turnitin account and enter your class by clicking on its title.
2. Either click View for the assignment you would like to submit to or click More Actions > Submit
            2b. Select the Submit File button.
3. Use the drop-down menu labeled Submit paper and choose Multi-File Upload

4. Click the Choose File button and select the first file you would like to upload to Turnitin. You'll be given the option to add more files after you have added the first file. 

5. If the student you would like to upload on behalf of is already enrolled in the class you can select their name from the Student column. If they are not enrolled you can enter details manually for each file.

6. Add a title to the files you have uploaded.

7. Click the Upload All button to send the files to Turnitin.

8. You'll be show a summary of the files you have chosen. If everything looks ok click the Submit button.

How do I allow my students to submit papers after the due date has passed?  


You can choose to allow late submissions when creating an assignment. On your assignment creation page, choose to view advanced assignment options and then choose Yes within the drop-down menu labeled Allow submissions after the due date?


If you have already created an assignment you may allow late submissions by clicking on your class and then clicking on the relevant assignment title. On the Assignment Homepage click the Edit Assignment Settings link.

How do I make a revision assignment so that students can submit different revisions/drafts for an assignment?  


If you want to let your students to submit multiple drafts you can create a revision assignment. 


Note: You must first create a Paper Assignment in the same class before you can create a Revision Assignment. 


1. Navigate to the class you'd like to create the assignment in

2. Select the + Add Assignment button

3. Choose Revision Assignment and select the Next Step button.

4. Choose the Paper Assignment you would like to base the Revision assignment on.


Note: Revision assignments are a clone of the original Paper Assignment. A revision assignment inherits all of the original assignment's settings and enrolled students. You have to create a new Revision assignment for each draft you would like your students to submit. 


5. You are able to set different point value, start date, due date, post date, and change report generation options for each revision assignment.

6. Once you are finished setting up your Revision Assignment select the Submit button to create it. 

How do I remove a student's paper from the assignment Inbox?


1. Navigate to the assignment inbox where the paper was submitted to

2. Each submission has a checkbox. Select all the files you would like to remove. 

3. You will see a list of submitted papers and the name of the authors

4. Click the Delete button


Note: Deleting a student's paper in this way only removes it from the Assignment Inbox. All feedback left on the assignment will be permanently deleted however a copy of the paper itself will remain in the Turnitin database.

Similarity Reports

How do I view Similarity Reports for the papers submitted to my class?


Similarity Reports are viewable from within your Turnitin account.


To access your report, log in to your account and enter the appropriate class by clicking on its title. In the Class Homepage you'll find a list of the assignments for the class. Click on the inbox icon to the right of the appropriate assignment title. After entering the inbox you will find Similarity Report icons displayed to the right of each submission title.


You can view similarity reports by opening the submission you'd like to see from the Assignment Inbox. You can find the Assignment Inbox by opening the assignment from the Class Homepage. Select the Class Title or the Similarity percentage to open the paper in a new window.  


For full guidance on viewing the similarity report follow this link

How can I give my students access to their reports?  


Allowing students to see their similarity reports is an assignment setting that you can change at any time. When students will be able to see reports is dependent upon the Generate Originality Reports for student submissions setting.  


1. Navigate to the assignment you would like to change

2. Change the Allow students to see the Originality Report setting to Yes

3. Change the Generate Originality Reports for student submissions to suit your needs


Immediately first report is final - Students will see reports straightaway

Immediately (can overwrite reports until due date) - Students will see reports straightaway and are able to regenerate the report until the due date.

On due date - The report will generate when the due date for the assignment passes

How do I know if my student has plagiarized?


Turnitin does not determine if a paper has been plagiarized; we show matching texts and their sources from our database. Each instructor has to use his or her discretion to determine if a paper has been plagiarized.


For full guidance on Interpreting the Similarity Report follow this link.

Classes, Assignments, and Other Issues

I am receiving a message that I have exceeded my student limit.


If you have exceeded your student limit expire any classes you are not using in order to decrease your number of active students.


For further guidance on what to do when you receive this message follow this link

What is a master class?


A master class allows you to split a class into several parts, for each part you can assign a different teaching assistant.  


When you convert a class to a master class, all students and assignments are pushed into the first section. TA's will have the same capabilities as instructors for the sections they are in charge of.


To convert a class to a master class select the gear icon for the class you would like to convert. On the Class Settings page select the Convert to Master Class button.


Note: Students are not enrolled in the master class. They are each enrolled in a section, and must submit papers to their respective sections.


In a master class, what is meant by 'pushing' assignments to sections?

'Pushing' assignments allow you to create an assignment once and then sync this with all of the class sections you have created within the assignment. This will let you use the same assignment easily with different cohorts and have them graded by different teaching assistants.  

My instructor homepage shows that my classes are expired. What does this mean and how do I make my classes active again?


If your class has expired it is an indication that its end date has passed. Each class that you create must have an end date. In order to reactivate your class, select the gear icon for the class you would like to extend. From the Class Settings page change the due date and post date for the assignment to renew it. 


For further guidance on renewing expired classes follow this link

How can I find out which Turnitin products my institution has purchased?


To view the products your institution has purchased and are available to you, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Instructor Homepage
  2. Select your institution's account name
  3. The Account Status page will show you current student limits and all of the services that your institution has purchased and are active on your account. 
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