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Logging In


To log into the Turnitin Feedback Studio iPad app, you must have a Turnitin instructor user profile associated with a valid institutional Turnitin account. You must have your login credentials or access code available to gain access to your Turnitin account.


1. Download the Feedback Studio for iPad app from the App Store.


2. Tap the Turnitin icon from your iPad's home screen.



Note: If you do not have a Turnitin account, tap the Create Account link from the Feedback Studio app login page.

Logging in with an Email Address and Password


1a. If you log into Turnitin directly, enter your email address and password, then tap the Log In button.


1b. Alternatively, tap the Forgot Password? button to reset your password, and return to the Turnitin Feedback Studio app. Click here for guidance on resetting your password.


2. Check your login credentials, then tap Log In.



Logging in with an Access Code


If you are an instructor using Feedback Studio through an integration with a learning management system (LMS), you can use an access code to log into the app.


1a. Tap the Log in with Access Code button.




1b.  If you do not have an access code, see the guidance below for generating a class access code.


2. Enter your access code in the field provided, then click Log In from the top right-hand corner.



Generating a Class Access Code


If you access Turnitin through an integration with a learning management system, you will need to generate a class access code in order to log in to your classes on Turnitin for iPad. To generate a unique class access code:


1. Log into your LMS from your device.

2. Open the Turnitin Document Viewer for a paper in a class.


3. Tap on the iPad access button in the bottom left-hand corner of the document viewer.




4. A popup box will appear. Click the Generate code button to gain your access code.



5. Your one-time access code will  appear in place of the Generate code button. Make a note of this code for use within the Turnitin for iPad app.




6. Return to the Feedback Studio for iPad app to log in using the access code.

Adding Additional Class Codes After Login


If you usually access Turnitin directly, as well as via an integration, you can log in to the Feedback Studio app using your email address and password, then add extra classes using access codes. The same applies if you only use Turnitin through an integration; you can add more access codes after login.


1.  Once logged in, tap the user profile button in the top right-hand corner.



2. Tap Add Class With Access Code.



3. Enter your access code, then click Add.



4. Tap the account name from the Turnitin homepage in order to view your list of added classes.



Note: You cannot remove classes using Turnitin for iPad. In order to remove the classes from this list, you must permanently delete this Turnitin class, using the desktop version of Turnitin.

Logging in After Password Change


Turnitin for iPad updates to identify any incorrect or outdated credentials. If your password is changed while the app is linked to Turnitin, a pop-up box will appear advising of this change and will encourage you to correct the issue.


Initially, you may defer the process of entering your new password and can continue with your work. However, you must eventually enter your new password in order to sync any new data to the server, and continue working without interruption. Any unsynced data created after the password change will be synced automatically to the server.


Note: You are given five attempts to enter your new password. If all five attempts fail, you will, at this point, be warned that you are working offline, and your data will not sync to the server.

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