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The Assignment Inbox

The assignment inbox allows you to view a list of the students in your class, which specifies which students have and have not submitted to the assignment. The assignment inbox offers search functionality, enabling you to search for specific students in a class; this can be identified by the magnifying glass icon. The assignments that are graded, ungraded, and not submitted are grouped together for easy viewing. Whether a paper has been graded yet or not, the similarity score will appear as a percentage for each assignment.

Accessing the Assignment Inbox


1.  If you are holding your iPad in portrait orientation, you must tap Accounts in the top left-hand corner to access the app sidebar. Skip to step 2 if you are holding your iPad in landscape orientation, as the sidebar will already be visible.



2. Tap your account name in the Feedback Studio for iPad sidebar.




3. Tap your class name in the Feedback Studio for iPad sidebar. If you access Turnitin as both an instructor and a student, you can select the user type you wish to view in-app, or simply select both for an overview of all classes.





Note: Should you wish to use the Feedback Studio for iPad app as a student, please access the Student iPad user manual for further guidance.


4. You will now be able to see your list of assignments in the sidebar. Each assignment option will advise you how many students from your class have submitted their assignment and how many assignments that you have already graded. Tap the assignment to view the assignment information in full.





5. Once you have selected the assignment from the sidebar, the assignment inbox will appear in full in the main body of the app.




Viewing Assignment Information


The Assignment Information allows you to view the key details of the assignment from one area of the Feedback Studio for iPad app. This section allows you to see the following assignment information:


  • Title
  • Start date, due date and post date
  • Point value
  • Number of students
  • Number of submissions, graded submissions, and submissions to grade


1. To view the assignment information, tap the information icon from the top right-hand corner of the page


2. You can now view the Assignment Info in full



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