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Any changes made to your Turnitin classes and assignments will automatically synchronize with the Turnitin Feedback Studio for iPad app every 5 minutes. Any changes you make via the app will also sync to Turnitin in your browser every 5 minutes. You must be connected to the internet for these updates to take effect.


1. From the app homepage, tap the bell icon in the top right-hand corner.



2. From here, you can view any unsynced changes. These changes are usually made when your iPad is offline. Tap Sync Now.


Note: Feedback Studio for iPad syncs your data automatically as soon as your iPad finds an internet connection. Therefore, tapping the Sync Now button is optional.


3. The synchronization will begin, causing a circular arrow to revolve.


Synchronizing Student Submissions


You may find that student submissions require synchronization in order for you to view them. A blue download icon indicates that your submissions have not yet been synchronized to Feedback Studio for iPad.


1. In order to download your student submissions, you must access the assignment inbox. If you are holding your iPad in portrait orientation, you must tap Accounts in the top left-hand corner to access the app sidebar. Skip to step 2 if you are holding your iPad in landscape orientation, as the sidebar will already be visible.




2. Tap your account name in the sidebar.




3. Tap your class name in the Classes sidebar to view a list of assignments in this class.




4. Each assignment in the Assignments sidebar will advise how many students from your class have made a submission and how many submissions have been graded. Tap the relevant assignment to view the assignment in full.





5. Tap the blue download icon to initiate the synchronization of your student submissions.



Turning Submission Synchronization on and off


The Sync Submissions option allows you to keep papers in an assignment up to date, avoiding the need to manually download papers. This option can be turned off at any time.


1. To turn the Sync Submissions option on or off, you must firstly access the assignment inbox, then tap the information icon from the top right-hand corner.


2. Tap the Sync Submissions toggle to turn this feature on or off. Green indicates that this option has been switched on.





3. Your student submissions will begin downloading.


Note: If you are synchronizing several papers or papers large in size, then synchronization may take a few minutes to complete. The blue download arrows will convert to loading circles during this process.


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