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The Instructor Homepage

After logging in, you will be directed to the Instructor homepage. The Instructor homepage provides access to many Turnitin features. The Instructor homepage lists the accounts and classes the instructor has created and any class sections which the instructor has been assigned as the Teaching Assistant (TA) for.


If there are no accounts listed, visit the Joining an Account page for details on how to join an account as an instructor.



The Home link leads back to the instructor homepage list of all accounts and classes controlled by the instructor.


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User Info


A user profile contains personal information and account settings. Click the User Info button on the system bar to open the user profile options. The system bar can be located from the top of any page.


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User information area is separated into two sections: personal information and account settings.


Personal Information


In the personal information section of the user information page, there are a number of fields - many of which are optional and can be filled at your own discretion.

The following is a list of required fields:

  • User name (Email address)
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Secret question
  • Question answer
  • Last name
  • First name


All other areas of the personal information section are optional.

Account Settings


The account settings section of a user profile affects how information within the profile account is presented and sets defaults for commonly used functions. Account settings include:


  • Default user type – select the type of user access to default to upon login
  • Default submission type – select a default submission type: single file upload, multiple file upload, cut and paste upload, or zip file upload
  • Items per page – select the number of items you would like displayed per page
  • Show page info – toggles the info messages at the top of each page on and off
  • Send me Email updates – choose yes to receive Email updates from Turnitin
  • Use homepage link – choose yes to create a homepage link. To set up a link, enter a link name and URL below.
  • Default language - select the language in which Turnitin will display by default for this user when logged in

Changing User Types


A single user profile can access multiple roles on any Turnitin account, including instructor, student, and administrator functions. To access the student or administrator homepage, you will need to change your user type in the top left hand corner of the web page. For more information on using the system as a specific user type, please refer to the corresponding User Guide.


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Messages and Announcements


To view important Turnitin messages and announcements, click on the messages button on the system bar.


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Urgent notifications may appear both on the messages page and on the Turnitin user homepage. These include messages announcing scheduled downtimes.

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