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Paper View Requests

Turnitin Feedback Studio will soon be replacing Turnitin Classic. Your new guidance for managing paper requests in Turnitin Feedback Studio can be found here.

How Can I Manage a High Similarity Match?


If a paper that has been submitted to one of your classes indicates a high similarity percentage to another paper, either within your institution or at another, you can make a request to view this paper.


All intellectual property rights remain with the student when they submit their paper, making Turnitin unable to offer immediate access to papers or handle the paper exchange directly.

An Overview of the Paper View Request Process


1. An email is sent on your behalf to the host institution.

2. An instructor at the host institution receives an email request.

3. The instructor's reply transfers the original, requested paper to you.

  • At this point, your communication with the instructor is external to Turnitin. Turnitin simply acts as a facilitator between yourself and the matching paper's host institution.
  • If you do not receive a reply, Turnitin cannot follow a paper view request any further. 

Making a Paper Review Request


Upon identifying a paper open that shows a strong match to another paper, you can make a request to view the original paper by selecting it from Match Overview


1. From the Assignment Inbox, select the paper that closely matches another paper by clicking the similarity score under the Similarity column.



2. Select the Originality tab in the top left-hand corner of the document viewer.



3. Matches are listed in the Match Overview sidebar on the right-hand side of the document viewerSelect the arrow that appears when you hover over the match.



4. A box will appear beside the matching text you have selected.



5. Select the Submitted to [Host Institution] link from the top of the match.



6. To proceed, select the Request to view this paper button from the new open window or tab. This recaps the information about student's intellectual property rights and the paper view request process.



7. Your request will now be sent to the instructor of the class in which the match was identified.


Note: While we encourage instructors to engage with one another, Turnitin is unable to facilitate requests beyond this point. 

I've received a 'Paper View Request'. What should I do?


Turnitin allows an instructor from another university or institution to make a paper view request, where an email, including a brief recap of the assignment in question (title, submission date, and class title) as it was originally submitted is sent. Also included in the email is basic information about the matching paper, such as the instructor's name who has made the request and the similarity percentage it has matched with.


A full plain-text version of the original paper, as it was submitted to your class, is included in your received email. To share the original paper with the instructor who has made the request, simply reply to the email and it will be sent directly to them.


Note: While Turnitin encourages instructors to collaborate and work together with paper view requests you are under no obligation to respond.



Note: Although Turnitin tries to make the paper transfer process as easy as possible, there can be some issues with transferring. For example, the receiving instructor may use an email client that strips the content or they might overwrite or delete the content accidentally. Turnitin plays no role in a match paper request after the original request has been made.


Warning: You may receive a paper view request years after the initial date of your class. As such, we recommend you check your institution's privacy policy before responding to the email.

Paper Source Release


As an optional feature, the administrator for your account may have activated Paper Source Release. This feature allows other Instructors on your account, or instructors under your institutions' parent account, to view papers submitted to your classes without having to go through the paper view request process.


After selecting the match within the document viewer, a new window will open. You won't have to contact the instructor of the original assignment, but instead, will be provided with links to download the assignment in question This will be provided to you as both a PDF and in the same format that the file was originally submitted. 


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