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PeerMark Questions Library

The PeerMark Questions library keeps track of all the PeerMark questions created in an account in instructor managed libraries. 


Creating a New PeerMark Library


All PeerMark question libraries are listed within the PeerMark Questions tab. The instructor will be given the library Sample Library. New libraries can be by clicking on the Add Library button.



Name the new library by clicking on the current system given title. 



Enter the name for the new library and click on the Save button to save the library name.


Adding Questions to a PeerMark Library


Free response and scale questions can be created within a PeerMark library just like how they are created for a PeerMark assignment. 

A free response question example would be:

 “What is the thesis of the paper?”

Free response questions allow an instructor to pose these questions to students and can include minimum length requirements.

A scale question example would be

“How well does the introduction pull you in as a reader? Scale, Not very well to Really well”

Scale questions allow students to grade the paper’s author on instructor chosen areas of writing.

To add questions to a PeerMark library click on the Add Question button.


Creating a free response question in a PeerMark library


1. Click on the Add Question button and select Free response



2Enter the question in the field and enter a value in the Minimum answer length field



3. Once the question and minimum answer length have been entered, click on the Add Question button to add the free response question to the PeerMark assignment


Creating a scale question in a PeerMark Library


1. Click on the Add Question button and select Scale



2. Enter the question in the Question field



3. Select the scale size. The highest scale value is 5



4. Enter in the labels for the scale in the appropriate fields. An example for labelling the scale question: “How well does the introduction set up the Thesis of the paper?” would be 1: Not very well to 5: Extremely well



5. Click on the Add Question button to add the Scale question to the PeerMark assignment


Adding a question to a PeerMark library from another library


1. Click on the Add Question button and select the library you would like to add a question from



2. Click on the Add this question link to the right of each question you would like to add to your library



3. Click on the Add all questions button to add all the questions to the library



4. Click on the Finished adding questions from library link when you have added all the questions you want from this library



5. Click on the Finished editing this library to save any changes that you have made to this library



When the instructor has completed adding questions to the library click on the Finished editing this library link to save your changes.


Editing Questions within a Library


To edit a Library click on the View/Edit link to the right of the Library name.



Free response and scale questions can be edited by clicking on the Edit link to the right of the question.



Free response and scale questions can be deleted by clicking on the trash can icon to the right of the question you would like to delete.



Clicking on the trash can icon will open a prompt asking “Are you sure you want to delete this question?” Click OK to delete the question.



Once the instructor has completed editing the Library click on the Finished editing this library link to save the changes.


Copying and Deleting Libraries


The copy and delete library options are accessed by clicking on the More Actions link to the right of the library names. 



Click on the Copy Library option to copy the library to the PeerMark Libraries list. The the duplicate library will keep the name of the library that was copied but will have “- copy” appended to the name.



Click on the Delete Library option to delete a library from the system.



A prompt will appear asking “Are you sure you want to delete this library? This action cannot be undone.” Click OK to permanently delete the library.


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