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Preferences and Notifications

There are two preference types available to Turnitin instructors - user preferences and class preferences. User preferences apply to the instructor’s user profile, including default login views.

Class preferences are specific to each class, and apply only within the class to the assignments and student users in the class.

User Preferences


An instructor can view the current user preferences by clicking on the User Info tab. 


The user preferences available are:


  • default user type - select from student, instructor, or administrator; this will be the user home page seen when the user logs in


  • default submission type - select a default submission type, which determines which type of submission page is shown automatically for an instructor clicking on the submit icon in Turnitin


  • activate quick submit - select yes to turn quick submit on; refer to Chapter 10 for information on quick submit


  • items per page - select the number of items from a list of students, submissions, or assignments to display per page on Turnitin


  • file download format - select the default format for files downloaded from Turnitin; the options available are original format, PDF format, or let me choose each time


  • show page info - choose yes to display page information at the top of each page, which contains helpful information for each user


  • send me e-mail updates - choose yes to receive e-mail updates from Turnitin


  • use homepage link - choose yes to create a homepage link; to set up a link, enter a link name and URL in the fields below this option; this provides a link to a homepage for the user

Note: If any changes were made to the user profile, the instructor must click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Class Preferences


The class preference page allows an instructor to control the products and features available for the class. This allows an instructor to determine whether students can post proposed discussion topics, or whether or not GradeMark or other products are available in a class. An instructor can also set a class homepage link which is visible to both students and the instructor on the class homepage and other class pages.

To open the preferences page for a class, click the preferences tab on the class bar.



Each class has two preference types available to the instructors. There are general preferences and products that have been enabled. Only services purchased by the instructor’s institution are available under the enable these products: preference menu. Products that are not available will be greyed out and cannot be checked or un-checked.

To enable or disable a preference, click the check box to the left of the selected preference or product. Un-checked products or preferences are disabled in the specified class. For more information on the products, please see the appropriate chapter of this manual for the product or feature.

General Preferences


  • let students submit discussion topics? - determines if student users are able to post proposed discussion topics. Discussion topics must be approved by the instructor before the topic becomes active
  • show students link to my e-mail? - determines whether or not the e-mail address used by the instructor to log into Turnitin is available as a link for the students to click on to use their default e-mail program to contact the instructor
  • Lock assignment dates in sections? - locks assignment dates set by the master class instructor for assignments pushed to sections
  • Lock assignment info in sections? - locks assignment info set by the master class instructor for assignments pushed to sections

Enable These Products:

  • GradeMark
  • PeerMark
  • Grade book
  • Discussion boards


  • Class Link - A class link can be created for the instructor and students on the preferences page. Enter a name for the link and the full URL for the link. The URL must be in the full HTTP:// format.


If any changes are made to the class preferences, the instructor must click on the submit button at the bottom of the preferences page to save the changes that have been made.


Messages and Announcements


Important announcements and messages can be viewed by clicking on the messages tab on the system bar. 



Note: Urgent notifications including announcements of scheduled downtimes for improvements to Turnitin will appear both on the messages page and on the user homepages for all users, including instructors.


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