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Master Classes

If sections of a class are taught by other instructors or by teaching assistants, a class with sections can be created in Turnitin. A top-level master class is created to oversee the section classes. From the master class, the instructor creating the master class can set up sections for the other instructors. These instructors are referred to in the master/section class system as Teaching Assistants (TA’s).

The primary master class instructor can set up sections for each TA, or each TA can create a section by using the master class ID and a TA join key set by the primary master class instructor. The primary master class instructor can set class preferences, create and ‘push’ assignments to the sections, reassign a section to a new TA, or access the section.

Each TA can only access a single section of a master class. The same TA user may be added to multiple sections if needed. 

Adding a Master Class


There are two ways for an instructor to add a master class: creating a master class from the start or converting an existing standard class into a master class.

Creating a New Master Class



To create a new master class, use the + Add Class button on the instructor homepage of Turnitin



On the add a class page, use the class type: drop-down menu and select master class.



Enter a name for the master class and a TA join key. The TA join key is provided only if TA’s are creating their own sections in the master class. The TA join key, combined with the master class ID number, should only be provided if a TA is joining manually.


Do not provide the TA join key or master class ID to students. Each section will have an individual section class ID and section enrollment key that is used if students are manually joining the class on Turnitin.


Use the submit button and a new master class will be created. When first created a master class will not have any sections.

Converting a Standard Class to a Master Class


An existing standard class can also be converted to a master class. The assignments and any papers, students, and grade information in the standard class are placed in an automatically created section of the master class. 



To convert a regular class into a master class, select the edit icon to the right of the class name on the instructor homepage.


Ensure the correct class is being converted by checking the class name. To convert the class immediately into a master/section class, click the convert to master class button at the bottom of the page.


Any existing students, papers, grades, and assignments from the standard class are moved to a newly created section beneath the new master class. To access the existing information, select the name of the section.



You are automatically assigned as the TA of the converted class as the primary master class instructor. To change the TA of this section select the gear icon next to the class section. You can change the details on the TA Information page to allow someone else to manage the class section.

Adding Sections


New sections can be added to a master class in two ways. A section can be manually created by the primary instructor of the master class, or the master class ID and TA join key can be distributed to the TA’s, which will allow the TA’s to join themselves to the master class and create their own sections.

Manually Creating New Sections


New sections can be manually created by the primary master class instructor. TA users can be assigned one or more sections which they will be able to access through Turnitin. Only one TA can be assigned per section. Only the primary master class instructor and the TA will be able to view the submissions in the sections.

To create a section and add a TA



Select the + Section link to the right of the name of the master class.



On the add section screen, enter all of the following information:
  • TA’s first name
  • TA’s last name
  • TA’s e-mail address (for notification or new user password e-mails)



Use the Submit button to continue


On the next page enter the required section information:
  • name for the section
  • section enrollment key


Click the submit button to add the section to the master class and send the assigned TA a welcome notice or new user notification e-mail. The TA will only be e-mailed a password if they have no user profile existing under the e-mail provided for them in the TA information section.


Each new section will appear on the instructor homepage for the primary master class instructor, listed in smaller print beneath the master class. When a section is added, an e-mail with the section information will be sent to the TA. If the TA does not have a user profile with Turnitin under the e-mail address that was provided, Turnitin will generate a new user profile for the TA and include the new user password in the e-mail sent to the TA.

Allowing TAs to Create Sections


To allow TA’s to create their own sections under a master class, the TA’s must be provided with the master class ID number and the TA join key set for the master class. 

For new TA users who do not have an existing Turnitin profile, the TA will use the standard instructor join process. When prompted for an account or class ID and join or enrollment key the TA will provide the master class ID and TA join key. 


For users who have an existing instructor profile on Turnitin but need to join a master class as a TA, an existing profile can join a class as a TA. 

To join a class as a TA with an existing Turnitin user profile, the instructor will log in and click on the join class (TA) link on the instructor homepage. The instructor is then prompted to enter the master class ID and TA join key for the course, after which the instructor will be able to set up a TA section in the master class.

Administering a Master Class


The primary master class instructor is provided with many options for handling assignments in the sections and the master class itself. These options include:


  • creating template assignments that become part of the class assignment library. The TA’s with sections in the master class can then create their own assignments or select the template assignments from the class assignment library
  • create complete assignments and add them to some or all of the sections of a master class
  • create partial assignments (e.g. assignments containing selected preferences but no dates) and add them to some or all sections to accommodate different class schedules
  • creating assignments that are ‘locked’ against changes by section TA’s and adding these assignments to the sections of the master class

Creating Assignments in a Master Class


Assignments that are intended to be used in many or all sections of a class should be created by the primary master class instructor within the primary master class. 

To access the master class assignment page, select the name of the master class on the instructor homepage.


Adding Assignments to Sections 


After creating an assignment from the assignment creation page, the push assignments to sections window will load. From this page, the assignment can be pushed to the sections of the master class.

To add an assignment to one or more sections, place a checkmark in the checkbox next to the section name and click on submit to push the assignment to the selected sections.



By default, all sections are marked to receive the assignment. To not have the assignment pushed to a section remove the check mark from the checkbox before clicking the submit button. The assignment will not be pushed to that section.

The Master Class Homepage


The master class homepage displays all assignments created in the master class. The assign to sections column shows whether an assignment has been pushed to sections and whether it has been pushed to all or only selected sections.



  • not pushed indicates that an assignment has not been pushed to any sections
  • partial indicates that an assignment has been pushed to at least one section but not to all sections of a master class
  • full indicates an assignment has been pushed to all sections of a master class

The assignment push page can be returned to by clicking the push to sections button next to an assignment at any time.



If an assignment has been previously added to a section, the assignment can be pushed to the section a second time with any new changes made to the assignment. This is only available if the assignment has not been modified by the TA and if no students have submitted to the assignment.

If the TA has made any changes to the assignment or students have submitted a paper, the assignment is locked. The messages on the push page next to each assignment will inform the primary master class instructor if an assignment is unmodified or if it has been locked.


Note: If changes must be made to a locked assignment, access the assignment through the section or sections it has been pushed to and makes any necessary changes to the sections directly. Changes cannot be made from the master class.

Student Enrollment


The master class does not allow students to enroll. Student enrollment is handled in each section individually - students can even be enrolled in multiple sections of the same master class and will see each section as a separate class.

Student enrollment into sections can be handled in the same ways as students enrolling in standard classes. The student users can be provided with the section ID and the section enrollment key or can be manually enrolled by the instructor. Providing students with the section ID and section enrollment key may save the most time for the instructor. Students enrolling in a section class on Turnitin use the standard steps for joining a class, which can be found in the Student User Manual or the Student QuickStart Guide.

Students can also be added to the section class by the TA or by the primary master class instructor. Students can be added one by one or as a list. Step by step instructions for adding students individually or creating a student list for upload

The primary master class instructor may also add students to sections by using the master class student page interface. The primary master class instructor can then upload individual students or a list of students to be added to a specific section of a master class.

To add students from a master class



Click on the name of the master class to add students.


Click on the students tab on the master class homepage



Click on add student or upload student list button as appropriate for the method of adding students the instructor wishes to use at this time.


Continue with the standard process of adding a student, section Enrolling Students in this manual

The student or list of students will be added to the master student list and the section class student list. New students will be e-mailed a new user welcome notification. Students with an existing profile will receive a notification e-mail that a new class has been added to their student user homepage.

Grade Book


If the Turnitin grade book product has been purchased for the account, the grade book tab on the class navigation bar is available. Click on the grade book tab and get a quick overview of the grades in the sections of the master class. 


To view detailed grade information for a student or section, click on the student or section name to jump to the appropriate section’s grade book page.




The master class calendar functions similarly to the class calendar. For more information, please see the section on the class calendar in this manual. 

Any announcements, notes, or holidays that are added to the master calendar will appear in the calendars of all sections of the master class.

To view the master class calendar page, click on the calendar tab in the class navigation bar.




The master class preferences page allows a primary master class instructor to determine which Turnitin products or features are available in section classes and set limits to the capabilities assigned to TA’s for all sections of the master class. 

To access the master class preferences page, click on the preferences tab on the master class homepage.



In addition to the standard class preference options, the primary master class instructor can select to: 


  • lock assignment information on sections
  • lock assignment dates on sections
  • allow or disallow section TA ability to create or delete assignments
  • lock settings for sections



These settings allow the primary master class instructor to enable or disable certain capabilities of the TA users in the sections of the master class. This can be used to prevent changes from being made to required settings on assignments. Click on the submit button to save any changes made to the class preferences.





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