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Account settings

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As an account administrator, you have access to the account settings. Here you can view any exclusions that have been placed on the account, as well as change the repositories enabled for the similarity check.



Select Settings from the sidebar.
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While papers submitted to Originality Check are never added to our standard database you are still able to search all of Turnitin's content. You are able to choose what parts of the Turnitin database users on your account will have access to. Change your search targets by selecting the different checkboxes:


Internet: Turnitin's 'web crawler' has been actively archiving websites for years and currently has over 62 billion current and removed pages in our database. 


Publications: Turnitin partners with leading content publishers to create a robust collection of over 160 million articles from library databases, textbook publishers, digital reference collections, subscription-based publications, homework helper sites, and books. 




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Now, when a user submits, their submission will automatically be added to the account's private repository. 


If this option is not selected, users will still have the opportunity to store their files in the account's private repository at the point of submission.


If everything looks good hit the Save button to apply your changes. 


Made a mistake? Press the Reset button to start again.

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