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Source text visibility

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Files submitted to Originality Check are never sent to a global database of submissions. However, depending on how you have configured your account they might be added to your account's private repository. If a user attached to your account finds a match to a previous submission to your private repository they are able to see the context of the match by viewing more of the submission. 

You are able to change the default state of the source text visibility from the Administrator Account Settings page. Users can be allowed to view the full text of a submission or none at all. 



Navigate to the Settings Page, using the side navigation bar.


From the Source Text Visibility option, decide what you'd like users on your account to view.
  • Show full text - Users from your account will see the full text of the matching file.
  • Don't show any text -  Users will see a match, but won't see any of the matching file's text.

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