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Canadian Private Repository

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Turnitin is a suite of tools that provide instructors with information about the authenticity of submitted work and facilitates the process of grading for instructors. Submitted files are compared against an extensive database of content comprising of over 165 million journal articles, 700 million student papers, and 62 billion, current and archived, websites.

When using a private repository, files are not added to the global student paper database but are checked against it. Uploaded papers are added to a unique database that can only be matched against by the other papers contained within. Canadian accounts are automatically added to a countrywide private repository. 


Note: If an institution has purchased a separate private repository it will not match against papers that are submitted to the Canadian repository. 

Repository options


Administrators can select two different paper repository options when editing an account or creating a new sub-account:

  • Enable instructor expanded repository options
    Instructors will be able to set in their assignment options to store student papers in the Canada wide private repository or for papers to not be stored at all.


Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.19.20 PM.png


  • Submit all papers to the institution repository 
    All student papers submitted to the account will be stored in the Canada wide paper repository by default.





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