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Uploading a file

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 Your total upload size must not exceed 200mb
 Each file must be 100mb or less and must contain at least 20 words of text
 The maximum paper length permitted is 400 pages
 Zip files must not exceed 200mb or contain more than 1,000 files


Select  My Files from the sidebar.



Select the  Upload button.


Drag and drop the file of your choice into the designated drag and drop space.


Alternatively, use Select File to locate the file on your device.

You can select multiple files from your device (use the shift key on Windows or Mac).


If required, amend the file title and enter the author's first name and last name. These fields are not mandatory.



If you've made a mistake, use the trash can icon to remove the file.


You can choose to add your submitted files to the account's private repository by checking the Add file(s) to account's private repository checkbox.

This option will not be available if your administrator has opted to store all files in the account's private repository.


Hit the Confirm button to start your upload.


Monitor the progress of your upload in the upload progress box at the bottom of the sidebar.




Select Open to view the document or select the file from 

My Files .

Your Similarity Report may take a few minutes to process after your upload is complete.

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