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Originality Check Release Notes

2018 June 21st


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What's new


Administrators can set source text visibility for an account


All files in Originality Check can be added to your account's private repository. Other users attached to the account can match against these files. Previously, users would be able to view the text of files that had been submitted to the same account. Administrators can now change a Source Text Visibility option from the Account Settings Page to limit the amount of the source text users can view. 

There are two visibility options:

Show full text - Users from your account will see the full text of the matching file.
Don't show any text -  Users will see a match, but won't see any of the matching file's text.


2018 June 7th


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What's new


Administrators can now edit themselves

  Previously, Administrators could only edit their profiles from the sidebar. Now, you'll be able to change your name, username, or email address from the User List just like you would any other user!

You still can't give yourself a demotion by changing your role but you can change any other information. If you do need to change your own user role, ask one of your fellow administrators and they'll be able to do it on your behalf. 


2018 May 23rd


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What's new


Sessions will now expire after one hour of inactivity

  To help improve security, you'll now see a timeout message after we detect one hour of inactivity from your account. You can easily extend your session for another hour, but if we receive no response from you, we'll automatically sign you out. To continue using Originality Check, you'll have to sign in again. 

2018 March 29th


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What's new



Administrators now have access to submission indexing options


We're introducing Submission Indexing to administrator account settings! Now, you can choose from three submission indexing options:


Index all submissions: All submissions will be available for comparison in Similarity Reports.

Allow users to choose: Users can select at upload whether they would like to index their submission to the account's repository.

Don't index any submissions: Submissions will not be available for comparison in Similarity Reports.


That's it! When you upload, we'll detect your account setting and apply it!


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The "Submitted works" search repository is now available!


Administrators can now allow their users to compare against the Submitted Works search repository, enabling users to toggle this repository on or off in their own Similarity Report settings.

Submitted Works is an umbrella term for all items previously submitted to an institution's chosen repositories during account setup. By default, all accounts are set up with their own private institutional repository. However, some accounts are also set up with a private group or global repository, too. These include:

  • Private institutional repository
  • Private group repository (e.g. country, consortium, or a specifically requested group)
  • Global (public) repository

To clarify, all accounts now have access to the Internet, Publications, and Submitted Works search repositories, and can be compared against on the condition that this is enabled in the settings of the account administrator.




The submission inbox has a new search tool!


Need to find a file, folder, or author in no time at all? Originality Check can help with that! You can now perform a keyword search of the submission inbox based on the name of a file, folder, or author's first and last name. Enter a search term, then hit Enter.


It's worth noting that your list of search results will appear with folders at the top, and files at the bottom. To clear your search, select the from inside the search box.


2018 March 16th

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Fixes and enhancements



The user profile menu now adapts to smaller screen sizes


Shrinking your window while using Originality Check adjusts everything to give you seamless experience on whatever device you are using. We've designed Originality Check to work on anything as small as a smartphone all the way up to your TV! However, we found one part of the interface that wasn’t adjusting to new screen sizes as you’d expect.


Now you’ll be able to open the User profile menu and make any changes you need to without having to move to a larger screen. 




We've made a translation update

  We’re continually updating our localizations to help make our interface make sense for all our users. To this end, we’ve updated our translation of our Similarity Report from ‘vergelijkbaarheidsrapport’ to ‘similariteitsrapport’. Notice something you think can be improved? Let us know




The Originality Check footer now displays as it should

  Whoops! We’ve put our foot(er) in it this time! On smaller screen sizes, our footer - the part of the screen that shows links to our privacy policy and other important information - was appearing on top of other elements of the screen. We've called on a crack team of reflexologists to massage the footer back to where you'd expect it to be - at the bottom of the page! 



2018 January 3rd

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What's new



Administrators can now manage user access to search repositories


We've made it easy for administrators to exclude different parts of the Turnitin database. Navigate to the account settings page and make your changes. By default, all accounts have access to: 


Internet: Turnitin's 'web crawler' has been actively archiving websites for years and currently has over 62 billion current and removed pages in our database.


Publications: Turnitin partners with leading content publishers to create a robust collection of over 160 million articles from library databases, textbook publishers, digital reference collections, subscription-based publications, homework helper sites, and books




Users can now make Similarity Report exclusions



Exclude search repositories


Administrators can choose which repositories documents are automatically compared against. However, users can further refine this by excluding certain repositories either for all their uploaded documents or on a per-document basis. Head over to the Settings page, or open a document, to get started.



Exclude bibliographies and quotes


Bibliographies and quotes are included in a Similarity Report by default. You can change these defaults from the Settings page or change them for an individual document. Any changes to the default settings will only apply to future uploads, you'll have



Exclude specific sources


Excluding sources allows you to remove individual sources that you do not want a document to match against. Excluding a source will adjust the Similarity Score accordingly. For example, you may use this functionality to exclude a cover sheet your organization uses for all uploads or to exclude a specific website. You can exclude individual or multiple sources. Reincluding a source is just as easy. 


2017 December 20th 


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What's new



You can now print a report with all sources included

  We've made a list, we've checked it twice, and now you can print it... nice! Want the printed version of the Similarity Report to show all the matching sources, rather than just the top ones? Before you use the print preview feature, you'll need to make a quick change. In the sources sidebar, simply switch your source view over to All Sources view to determine the data shown in the print preview.

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