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Originality Check release notes archive

2017 December 13th



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What's new


View all of your pending Aspen user invitations in one go


Have you been finding it a little hard to keep track of the users you've invited to try out Aspen? Now, you'll find a Pending Invites link on the Users page. The Pending Invites page allows you to edit a user's details or resend their welcome invite email at any time.



Email addresses must be unique within an organization


When creating a new Aspen account within the same organization, you must use a unique email address. For example, Lauren Santiago works at two organizations: Books&Journals and The Journal Review. She uses the same email address for each organization. However, to adopt more than one user type within the same organization, she must use a different email address.




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Fixes and enhancements


Fixed! The Learn more... link now redirects correctly


In a few places, you may have noticed that Learn more... links would load to the correct page but could make Aspen itself jump back to the inbox. Now, when you load a Learn More link, you'll be able to navigate back to the page you previously had open.


2017 October 25th


What's new...


Accessibility improvements - We are committed to making Aspen available to any user who would like to use it! This release we've been making a few adjustments to how things work to make the experience even better. 


Expired user invitations - Occasionally it takes a new user a couple of days before they get around to opening their welcome invitation to Aspen (shocking we know!). When this happens the links in the original email may have expired for security reasons. We've found that this can even happen multiple times during busy periods. 

If a user then tried to follow one of the links in these old emails they'd end up on a blank screen with no indication of what went wrong. We thought this wasn't a very welcoming way of introducing users to Aspen! Now, in this rare situation, if a user tries to click on an expired link they'll get a notification when trying to follow it asking them to request a new one. 


2017 October 18th


What's new...


Match details accessibility improvements - Hot on the heels of our October 3rd release we've further refined the similarity match overview with several accessibility improvements. Match details should be completely readable by a screen reader and can be navigated through using only your keyboard. 

Each match is a collapsed button within Similarity sidebar. If you expand this button it will contain all the information contained within and the next navigation will flow through the match details. 

Lost in translation - Some of the emails we send when first creating accounts were being sent in English instead of German or Dutch! We've found where things were getting mixed up and redrawn our maps. Emails should now always be in the language originally set for your account. 


Unsupported file types in zip files - If an unsupported file type, such as a .hwp file, was included in a .zip file for bulk upload the file would fail to upload and no message was shown. Now supported files will successfully upload and we'll let you know if there are any unsupported file types hiding away in your bulk upload. 


2017 October 11th


What's new...


Remember where you came from - ...and if you don't, we'll remember it for you! Now, when you cancel an upload, you'll be safely returned to the folder you were in before you selected the Upload button.


There's something strange going on with checkbox selections - We’ve been investigating strange goings on in Aspen! When selecting the checkboxes alongside a processing file, the selections would quickly disappear. With the trash can icon being available for use, this indicated that although selections weren’t visible to users, they were present; this made it impossible to identify which files were selected.


Realizing that ghosts were among us, our ghostbusters grabbed their neutrino wands, eradicating any uninvited, disembodied guests! Phew. Checkbox selections are now working as expected. We won’t invoice you this time…


2017 October 3rd


What's new...


New feature! More detail in the similarity match overview - Exciting news, Aspen-ers! Now, Aspen allows you to select a source from the match overview side panel to expand its match details! If there's more than one match within a source, simply cycle through them using the available navigation arrows.For internet sources, the URL is provided, which you can click on to be directed to the source web page. Cool, huh? Submitted documents will always remain private, however; only the name of the organization will be provided.


Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 5.10.55 PM.png


Error message introduced for incorrect user list upload - When attempting to upload a user list that wasn't saved as .csv, users were forced to cancel out of the page, then return to attempt another upload. We've fixed this. Users now receive a quick error message that can be quickly dismissed, allowing them to instantly attempt the upload again.csv, users were forced to cancel out of the page, then return to attempt another upload. We've fixed this. Users now receive a quick error message that can be quickly dismissed, allowing them to instantly attempt the upload again.


Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 11.42.46 AM.png


2017 September 27th


What's new...


Admin upgrade bug fixed -  When a user's account was upgraded to an admin account, not all permission settings were being updated correctly. This caused a blank window to appear when the new admin tried to perform an admin function. We've found where our wires had become crossed and fixed the problem. 


1,000 users bulk upload message - We know that you're keen to use Aspen to its fullest, but at the moment, our system can only process so many users at a time! When using the bulk upload feature, the maximum number of users that can be added at once is 1,000... but we weren't telling you when that number was exceeded. We've added in an error message to make things clearer.


2017 September 21st


What's new...


Items failed to restore to My Files if its parent folder was deleted - When attempting to restore an item that once lived inside a subfolder of a deleted parent folder, the file wasn't successfully restoring to My Files. Because the parent folder had also been deleted, this caused the item to restore to its parent folder inside the trash can, rather than to My Files.


We've fixed this! If the parent folder of an item is still available, it will be restored to its original location. If the parent folder is no longer available, the item will be restored to the top level of My Files.


Change email notifications - We’re always looking at new methods for securing your data more than we already do. Upon changing your email address, you’ll now receive two emails; one email will be sent to your old address to inform you that a change has been requested. If you didn’t make the change, you can let the Support team know at


Another email will be sent to your new email address where you can verify the change. A cute animation of a pig on a spaceship will quickly help you launch back into Aspen. 


2017 September 14th


What's new...


"Oops, I didn't mean to delete that!" - It's fortunate for you that the Restore button has recently been added to the Aspen trash can. You can select one, multiple, or all items in the trash can to restore them to their original location. If your item once lived in a folder that has since been deleted, the item will be restored to the top level of My Files.


Bulk upload - As the summer turns to fall, you’re now equipped with some extra tools to speed up the process of getting started with Aspen.


Files must be in .csv format and contain 1000 users or fewer. If you’re not familiar with .csv files, we’ve made a handy template to get you started. You'll find it on the Upload List page.csv format and contain 1000 users or fewer. If you’re not familiar with .csv files, we’ve made a handy template to get you started. You'll find it on the Upload List page.


2017 September 7th


What's new...


Print submitted documents - We've added a print button to the Aspen viewer. When you select the Print button in the bottom left of the screen you'll be taken to a Print Preview. The Print Preview lists all the matches we've found and also contains information such as the submitted date and the word count. The body of the paper is then shown with an overlay highlighting any matches. 




Edit and move bug - When selecting a file the Edit and Move options appear however if you then navigated to another folder with the file still selected these options still remained. Files will now be deselected correctly. 


2017 August 30th


What's new...


Get rid of deleted files and folders - We hope you've managed to do some decluttering over the past week with the new Aspen trash can. This week, we've added the option to empty the trash can using the Empty Trash button. Watch those unwanted files and folders disappear from view.

More features, such as restoring from the trash can, coming soon!


Files and folders are on the move - That’s right! Your files and folders can now hop in and out of other folders at the click of the Move button. Learn the rules for a more organized inbox:


  • Moving Folder A into Folder B will make Folder A a subfolder of Folder B.

  • Moving Folder A into Folder B will move the contents of Folder A along with it.

  • A top-level folder cannot be moved into its own lower-level subfolder.

"I’m sorry, we’re afraid we can’t do that…"  - We've made a small change to the notification you receive when naming or renaming folders with the same name as an existing folder. We've made the error message clearer to make the organization of your inbox easier!


Bored of waiting for the similarity score? Not anymore! - We’ve fixed an error causing the similarity column to become stuck at “Processing…” even when the report was generated and ready to open. Now, your similarity score should be displayed the second it’s ready, so no more awkward hanging around!


2017 August 24th


What's new...


Restricted duplicate folder names - We’ve implemented a quick check to ensure that folder names don’t get muddled up during their creation. If you attempt to create a folder with the same name as an existing folder that’s on the same level, you’ll now receive a notification telling you that that folder already exists.


If in doubt, throw it out - It’s organization station over in Aspen! We’ve implemented the trash can! You can hit the trash can icon  to dispose of one or more selected files. It’s easy to remove folders and subfolders, along with all of their unwanted contents, too.

And that’s just the beginning. Soon, we’ll be updating the trash can with new functionality, allowing you to restore any of those mistakenly deleted files. Neat, huh?


New user can’t upload zip files -  A small set of new users had difficulty uploading zip files. We’ve unzipped this problem and fixed it.


Can’t access content after adding multiple files - Newly uploaded content became unavailable after a large number of files had been added to multiple folders. An inconvenient workaround forced users to leave and reenter the page to access their files. We’ve untangled some wires and got things working again.


Reset password alternative links - Beneath the Change Password button in your reset password email, you can now find a URL to copy and paste into your browser. This link does exactly the same job as the button, offering assistance to users with browsers and email clients that have trouble displaying images. Just as the email states, the link will expire after 7 days.


Files and folders are now sorted by date added -  Making it easier to access the files that you need, when you need them, we’ve changed the default setting in My Files; you can now sort files by the date they were created. You know the drill! :-)



2017 August 16th


What's new...


Learning your lingo! - We came across several values in Aspen that hadn’t been translated into Dutch and German.


We’ve translated the following values found in the Role and Status columns of the Aspen Users list:



  Active   Pending

Administrator   Aktiv   Ausstehend

Beheerder   Actief   In behandeling

These translations are now no longer ausstehend / in behandeling, but are instead aktiv / actief in Aspen! See what we did there?


Noticed any translation issues? Get in touch with


2017 August 9th


What's new...


Welcome invitation button bug - Some users reported that they were unable to click the ‘Set up Account’ button in their welcome email. We thought it best to add an alternative method for getting started to avoid further issues. You’ll now find a URL at the bottom of your email that can be clicked or copied and pasted into your browser.

Bookmarked page redirect - If you had a page such as ‘Upload Details’ saved as a bookmark in your browser, you could access that page without having uploaded a file. We’ve added a corrective redirect so that you can now progress through the upload process without issue.


Launch Beta button change - When clicking Launch Beta from the dashboard, you arrived on instead of We’ve successfully reversed the polarity of the neutron flow so that you’ll now land on the correct page after launching the beta.


Rejected file notification - Although we love file types all the same, unfortunately, we can only accept certain types to generate a Similarity Report.

If an unsupported file was rejected, an error message failed to appear, causing files to become forever stuck in a perpetual ‘pending’ limbo state. Now, an error message will be displayed, prompting you to attempt the upload in an accepted format. 


Missing translations - Our gumshoes have been hard at work tracking down any text that had not been fully translated. We found a few that had previously escaped us, hiding in status and error messages.


Changing your user role from admin to user - As an admin, you had the ability to change your role type from Admin to User but you couldn’t change back! We’ve now greyed out the option to change your user type. In future, you’ll have to ask another admin with the correct permission settings to change your role for you. 


Admin edit self problem - If an administrator changed their username or email address using the Users page they weren’t prompted to sign in again. As a security precaution, this data doesn’t automatically update within Aspen. So previously, you could continue to upload and view files but if you viewed your profile nothing would be shown. You’ll now be shown a prompt when editing the sensitive parts of your profile asking you to sign in again.


Account name in invitation email  - If the parent account for your organization was created with a short name domain this would be shown on the create account, rather than the full name as intended. For example, the 'University of Turnitin' chose as their domain would show on the Create Account page as 'You've been invited to join uot's account'. Now this page will show the parent account's full name. 'You've been invited to join University of Turnitin's account'. 

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