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Originality Check release notes draft

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2018 March 28th

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What's new



Administrators now have access to submission indexing options


We're introducing Submission Indexing to administrator account settings! Now, you can choose from three submission indexing options:


Index all submissions: All submissions will be available for comparison in Similarity Reports.

Allow users to choose: Users can select at upload whether they would like to index their submission to the account's repository.

Don't index any submissions: Submissions will not be available for comparison in Similarity Reports.


That's it! When you upload, we'll detect your account setting and apply it!


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"Submitted works" is now an available search repository


We've added a new search repository to Originality Check! Given that an administrator has opted to allow users to compare against the new Submitted Works search repository, users will now have this option available in their own account settings. By default, all accounts now have access to Internet, Publications, and Submitted Works.




The submission inbox has a new search tool!


Need to find a file, folder, or author in no time at all? Originality Check can help with that! You can now perform a keyword search based on the name of a file, folder, or an author's first and last name. Simply enter a minimum of two characters into the submission inbox search box and hit Enter.


It's worth noting that search result list will appear with folders at the top, and files at the bottom. To clear your search, select the from the search box.

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