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LTI Release Notes


2018 March 27th


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Fixes and enhancements



We've tidied up the LTI user interface to make submissions easier!


We’ve been working hard cleaning up the LTI submission workflow making it more engaging and elegant. With a little touch up here and there along with some careful rethinking of our grammar, we hope that the new changes will make submissions much simpler and clear up any confusion that may arise during the process.


We’ve also made responsive improvements so submissions can be made on a wider variety of displays.



2018 March 3rd


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Fixes and enhancements



We'll now warn you if you attempt to remove an attached rubric


By removing an attached rubric from an assignment, this will also remove all feedback provided using that same rubric. If you didn't already know that, then you do now! And as a small reminder, we've added a big red warning message to the interface! If in future, you attempt to change the attached rubric from within the assignment settings, you now have the option to reconsider.





We've tidied up our error messaging in the assignment settings


When making adjustments to LTI assignment settings, some HTML was found to be appearing in their associated error messages. For example:

Before, an error message looked like this: Cannot change value of anonymous_marking_enabled field because there are already submissions

But now it looks like this: Cannot change value of 'Enable anonymous marking' field because there are already submissions


That's much easier to read now, don't you think? There's plenty more where that came from!



2018 February 26th

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Backend bug fixes and performance improvements



2018 February 14th


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Fixes and enhancements



You can now submit again after deleting a previous submission


In our previous release, we added extra backend logic to the submission process. Unfortunately, this resulted in a bug where you couldn't submit again to an assignment after the instructor deleted the initial submission We've squished this bug, and everything now works as intended. 


2018 February 7th


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Fixes and enhancements



Rubric manager will only load when you want it to


On the LTI Settings page, trying to use the enter (or return) key would accidentally launch the rubric manager! This has been fixed.




OneDrive picker now works with Safari 9.1, 10.1, and 11


Our integration with OneDrive got a little lost in the clouds! When the pop-up box appeared after choosing to do a Cloud Submission nothing would load using Safari 9.1, 10.1, or 11 leaving only a white box. This problem has been fixed and tested in all three browsers and you can once again use OneDrive to submit!




Rubric removal now updates the user interface

  On the LTI Settings page, if you choose No rubric for the Attach a rubric drop-down field it will now untick the associated checkbox and remove the rubric picker. Previously, removing a rubric in this way would still keep the field ticked. 

Don't worry... if you need to attach a new rubric, simply select the checkbox again and choose your rubric as you normally would.




Only one submission per assignment at a time

  We've all done it before. You open a tab and get distracted and then open the same page again in another window. Unfortunately, if you got distracted during the upload process, our system got a bit confused trying to tell which upload was the one that you were trying to complete. We've added an extra error message that will let you know if the upload process has already been started in another window.

This error message will only appear if you try to do two uploads at the same time for the same assignment.  If you are a multitasker needing to upload multiple classes or different assignments at the same time, you shouldn't have any problems.


2018 January 30th


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Fixes and enhancements



Users can now submit a 20-word paper


We received several reports that a 20-word submission threw an error, contrary to our promise that we accept submissions containing '20 or more words'. We've fixed this! You can safely submit a 20-word submission without frustration.

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  2018 January 16th


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What's new


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.41.33 PM.png Instant Similarity Reports for up to three resubmissions

Feedback Studio allows students to view their Similarity Report results immediately! Students can now view their initial Similarity Report, then revise and resubmit their work up to three times, without having to wait 24 hours for an updated report. After three resubmissions have been made, the 24-hour report generation wait time will be restored. Instantaneous similarity results give students the formative support they need to master paraphrasing and citation conventions efficiently.


To enable resubmissions for students, you must correctly configure the assignment settings of a new or existing LTI assignment assignment.

1. Scroll to Similarity Report.
2. Using the drop-down menu, select Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date): After 3 resubmissions, reports generate after 24 hours. Read more.



Rubric_icon.png Genre-specific rubrics in Feedback Studio

Revision Assistant's genre-specific rubrics are now available in Feedback Studio, designed with 6th - 12th graders in mind! K-12 instructors can assign new rubrics to their assignments to help their students master the art of argumentative, narrative, informative, and analytical writing. If you're actively using Revision Assistant and Feedback Studio together, you can now promote consistency in the classroom by adopting the same rubrics.


To use a new rubric for grading, you can attach it from within the assignment settings of a new or existing assignment.

1. Scroll to GradeMark options.
2. Under Attach a rubric to this assignment, select a new genre-specific rubric from the drop-down list. Read more.

Alternatively, launch the rubric and grading form manager from within Feedback Studio.



Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.30.10 PM.png K-12 QuickMark sets in Feedback Studio


QuickMarks are Turnitin's most popular feedback tool among Feedback Studio instructors! But in finding that many of our default QuickMark sets failed to address the needs of our K-12 instructors and students, we've added two new sets to the Feedback Studio collection. Our new drag-and-drop (and customizable!) comments will help instructors help their students to engage in revision, save time, and more importantly, achieve learning outcomes. Read more.


To view and edit your new QuickMarks, launch the QuickMark manager from within Feedback Studio.


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Fixes and enhancements


Enhancement! LTI setting page refresh


We’ve refreshed the assignment settings page to make customizing assignments faster and easier. The settings are now organized into four groups; ‘Submission settings’, ‘Compare against’, ‘Similarity Report’, and ‘Additional settings’. We hope these changes will allow you to find your preferred settings quickly and implement them smoothly. You'll find all the feature options you are used to, they are now just under more accurate headings. Read detailed guidance about settings by following this link.




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