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LTI release notes archive


2018 January 9th


Correct Timestamps - There was one important user-type we realised we were not accounting for - Time Travelers! When an assignment due date was set during daylight savings things could go a bit weird. With careful consideration not to break the Temporal Prime Directive, we’ve adjusted things so that times will change correctly when the clocks change. 


PeerMark question reorder - When reordering questions within PeerMark the new order wouldn’t save correctly causing the question order to reset. We’ve fixed the issue that was causing this. 



2017 October 25th


What we've been working on...


Added the time zone to student and instructor dates in our LTI integration - We’ve added the time zone abbreviation to the end of dates in the LTI assignment inbox. Now, whether you are an instructor creating an assignment, or a student submitting to one, the time and date will be relevant to the time zone that you are in.




2017 October 9th


What we've been working on…


Copy and Paste Canvas LTI submissions not showing in SpeedGrader - Building on our last release another bug presented itself after our original fix for this issue which caused Copy and Paste Canvas LTI submissions to not show correctly in SpeedGrader. We revisited this issue and were able to find the root cause.

If you, or your students, made any copy and paste submissions before October 6th that are still not appearing in SpeedGrader our product support team can help. Send an email to with the Paper ID and ask for the callback to be resent.



2017 September 25th


What we've been working on…


Copy and Paste Canvas LTI submissions not showing in SpeedGrader - When using the Copy and Paste method of submitting to Canvas using our LTI integration a bug caused submissions to intermittently not be passed to SpeedGrader. Now submissions should be passed correctly all the time.



2017 September 5th


What we've been working on...


LTI Reveal Author’s Identity button - There had been an issue where, when using anonymous marking, the ‘Reveal Author’s identity’ button didn’t work the first time you clicked it but would work subsequent tries. We’ve given this button a liberal spray of oil to make sure it doesn’t get stuck and it will now work the first time.




2017 August 30th


What we've been working on...


We’ve made some improvements to the submission inbox in our LTI integration.



Deciding that the previous layout was a bit too cluttered, we moved the download buttons to the right of the screen to make them stand out more. And now if you select more than one submission using the checkboxes to their right, a counter will show you how many you have selected in the Download Selected button.


The column headers are clearer. The Viewed column now contains iconography that will allow instructors to distinctly see whether a student has viewed their feedback, and the Options column now contains a smart sub-menu containing the Upload, Download, and Delete options.  The color indicators of the Similarity column are now in line with the style of our native application.


Check out this quick video walkthrough for a visual guide to the new changes.



One more thing…

We’ve taken this opportunity to squash some bugs!  We’ve resolved a pesky grade callback problem in our LTI integration, and an issue affecting active student list downloads.  



2017 August 9th


What we've been working on...


Improvements to submissions in Turnitin LTI - Turnitin LTI submissions have had a makeover! We've been brushing up on workflows and upcycling the user interface; submissions are now easier to follow and so much more pleasing on the eye!


To bring some clarity to the submission process, you can now see the stage you’re at with our new progress bar. This will guide you through the three stages of submission, ‘Upload’, ‘Review’, and ‘Complete’.


Make sure you don’t leave the submission process until the bar has reached ‘Complete’, otherwise we cannot guarantee your submission was successful!







Once your submission is complete you will see a green tick. 


Check out this quick video walkthrough for a visual guide to the new changes.



We’ve also made cloud submission clearer; using the Cloud Submission drop-down, you can choose the drive that you’d like to upload from.


For extra help on how to submit through an LTI integration, please see our guidance on the topic.



2017 July 25th

What we've been working on...


Multiple markers rubric improvement - When a secondary marker accessed an LTI assignment it was possible for them to accidentally remove an attached rubric. Now, when a secondary marker navigates to the rubric section of the LTI interface they will see Other Instructor's Rubric to indicate that a rubric is already attached. 



2017 July 5th


What we've been working on...


Grading template bug - When creating a grading template submission in LTI clicking on the Continue button would make multiple instances of the same submission. On refreshing the assignment inbox they would disappear but would still exist within Turnitin. This bug has now been squished.



2017 May 25th


What we've been working on...


Upload Submission button - We've moved the Upload Submission in the LTI Assignment Dashboard from beneath the graphic to being above the graphic. It's a subtle change but will allow you to still see the button while using smaller iframes making things much more usable. It also looks a little prettier but we're biased.  




2017 March 30th30th


What we've been working on...


Microsoft OneDrive Submissions - We’ve added the ability to upload submissions to Turnitin via Microsoft OneDrive when using LTI. You can find substantial guidance about how to use our LTI integrations by following this link. 


2017 March 21st


What we've been working on...


PeerMark reviews now launch in PeerMark document viewer - As we will soon be transitioning our users to Turnitin Feedback Studio, we thought it wise to move peer reviews out of the Turnitin Classic document viewer. Students can now view their peer reviews within the PeerMark interface. Nothing to worry about; students will still see all of the same information as before! In fact, this is a more consistent experience!





2017 March 7th


What we've been working on...


Re-submitting on behalf of a student - Some users had reported that they were unable to re-submit on behalf of a student in some LTI implementations. This has now been fixed.



2016 November 22nd


What we’ve been working on...


Corrected bug with messaging when changing assignment settings - When saving assignment settings, two success messages would be displayed. One message advised 'Submission uploaded successfully' and another stated 'Settings were saved successfully'. This has now been corrected to only show the 'Settings were saved successfully' message. 



2016 October 17th


What we’ve been working on...


Fixed an LTI assignment due time issue - We've fixed a bug in LTI, affecting the assignment due time. The due time set by an instructor reformatted if the time was a non-multiple of five. For example, if 11:59pm was set as the due time, this would default to 11pm. Turnitin now accepts any due time.



2016 September 15th


What we’ve been working on...

Fixed an LTI assignment issue, making the maximum grade unavailable to some students - Where a student's Max Grade should appear to them in an LTI assignment, a green tick mark was instead visible to students within the Summary tab of their assignment settings. This tick mark appeared when an instructor applied a 1 or 2 in the assignment's Possible Score field during assignment creation.


We have resolved this issue, with the correct maximum grade now always being available to students via their assignment settings.


2016 August 24th


What we’ve been working on...


Turnitin LTI is now WCAG 2.0 AA compliant - We now conform to WCAG 2.0 AA standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) when accessing Turnitin using an integration via our LTI route.


Our LTI integrations will include:

  • Screen reader support

  • Keyboard navigation support

  • Skip-to-content links

  • Appropriate contract ratios

  • Consistent navigation

  • Clear headings and labels


As part of this update, the LTI user interface has been refreshed to ensure consistency alongside this newly accessible platform. We have also been able to make the UI mobile responsive to ease the use of the LTI integration via a mobile device.



2016 July 22nd


What we’ve been working on...


Fixed a bug affecting LTI assignment creation - We received reports of a D2L issue on Friday 22nd July, where instructors were unable to create an LTI assignment, as well as grades not passing back to the grade book via LTI. We managed to resolve this issue on the same day, ensuring that only a small section of our user base was affected.


2016 July 21st


What we’ve been working on...

Fixed a bug affecting grade transfer from the document viewer to the LTI assignment inbox -  We received reports of a bug, where a student's final grade failed to pass back to the LTI assignment inbox after grading in the document viewer. This issue occurred after opting into the Turnitin Feedback Studio beta. The bug has now been resolved: all grading completed in the Turnitin Feedback Studio document viewer successfully passes back to the LTI assignment inbox.


2016 July 14th


What we’ve been working on...

User's name updates are now supported in LTI - Any updates a user of LTI makes to their name will now be passed through to Turnitin in an LTI launch, and reflected in the direct Turnitin interface.



2016 June 30th


What we’ve been working on...

  • Speed improvements to LTI
  • Students can launch an LTI assignment regardless of instructor access
  • Submission timestamp is now passed back as part of LTI callback
  • Fixed a bug affecting user role reactivation on LTI launch


Students can launch an LTI assignment regardless of instructor access - Students can now launch into an assignment and trigger its creation; this relieves instructors from being forced to have first interaction with the assignment before students are able to submit.


On first access to an assignment in standard LTI, an assignment is created as a blank assignment, where all settings, including title, start and end date are then set by the instructor. The main reason for this is a result of assignments being created in bulk on the side of the LMS, where the instructor may not have made any input to the assignment and therefore there are no settings attached to it.

Because of this lack of settings, students were not able to access their assignments and begin submitting, as their instructor had made no initial setting contribution. Therefore, as the first person to use the assignment is likely to be a student, students can now launch an LTI assignment, regardless of initial instructor access. In other words, students can now submit to an assignment regardless of instructor access, as the settings are automatically present.


We now require the title, start date, and end date to be passed into the assignment (or the ID of another assignment to copy the settings from); this way, the student can use the assignment properly if they are the first to access it. This update improves the user workflow for both instructors and students during submission periods.


Submission timestamp is passed back to the LMS as part of LTI callback - To provide developers with visibility on accurate submission timestamps, we now pass this information back to the LMS.

Fixed a bug affecting user role reactivation on LTI launch - We have resolved an issue which initiated an error when an instructor tried to launch into an LTI class after being dropped from this class; this was a result of their role being classed as inactive. The error message read: Sorry, we could not process your request. Turnitin assignment could not be created. Instructor does not belong to class. To rectify this, if an instructor has been dropped, on launch, they will now be re-enrolled as an instructor in this class.


2016 May 12th


What we’ve been working on...


Fixed an LTI error that occurred when attempting to download original files - An edge case may have affected some users attempting to download the original file for a submitted paper. This occurred when launching LTI without a set language in a user's Turnitin account. As this language could not be passed into the LTI instance, users were forced to use LTI with third-party cookies disabled.


2016 April 12th


What we’ve been working on...


LTI accessible EULA - We’ve reworked our EULA within LTI integrations to make it accessible when using a screen reader. You are now able to tab through text, and between buttons, as well as being able to accept or reject the EULA using your keyboard.


2016 April 7th


What we’ve been working on...


LTI assignment copy support - To make it easy for you to refresh assignments, it is now possible to copy Turnitin LTI assignments from one course to another in your learning management system. This removes the need to create a new assignment for each new intake of students.

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