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Feedback Studio for iOS Release Notes

MOB 3.1.1

2018 January 9th


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What's new


font-awesome_4-7-0_language_256_0_2f78c8_none.png We now support special characters and even emojis!
We received advice from a customer that Latvian Unicode failed to render correctly when adding QuickMarks in the app. Now, users of any language (not just Latvian!) can see all text that uses Unicode characters, as well as emojis... and even italicized emojis! :-)

Unicode is an international coding standard, designed to accommodate all of the writing standards known around the world. Each letter, digit, or symbol is assigned a unique numeric value with Unicode, which is applied across different programs and platforms, universally. UTF-16 is the method used to encode the Unicode characters.



Although we've made this positive change in the app, if you opt to edit a comment that contains Unicode on the desktop version of Feedback Studio, your Unicode may render incorrectly. We suggest only using Unicode on your iOS device until we release a fix that supports Unicode on the web! Watch this space!



font-awesome_4-7-0_envelope_256_0_357bc5_none.png Submission IDs and time stamps have returned to digital receipts
They're back! Get more information out of your digital receipts with a reinstated submission ID and timestamp, all delivered to your email inbox right after your submission.


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 Fixes and enhancements


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Rubric and grading form fixes


Grading form content will now remain available at all times


Oops! We found that grading form cell content sometimes disappeared when scrolling through a grading form, specifically when tapping inside the cell and scrolling through it. We've made sure that this won't happen again!



Grading form scores now always appear in their respective rows


When grading in a particularly long grading form, we discovered that scores assigned to the first two rows of a grading form would frustratingly duplicate in every other row when scrolling down the form. Now, you're able to navigate freely, with scores remaining where you originally placed them, and absolutely nowhere else!



Applying a grading form's total score to the grade will always requires manual confirmation


It's really important that your grading form scores aren't immediately added to a paper's final grade, especially if the post date has already passed. We found that scores were automatically being applied to the grade, rather than the intended manual application. We've quickly resolved this; scores will only be applied to a paper's grade upon the manual press of Apply Total Score to Grade.



Grading form cells now appear above the keyboard during cell editing


When grading in a long grading form, the keyboard obscured the cells being edited, when the grading form failed to scroll up above the keyboard. Now, the form scrolls up, making the cell you're editing completely visible. 



Rubric selections are now appearing as expected after exiting and returning to the rubric


We received a report that, after upgrading to version 3.1 of the app, rubric selections were failing to save; however, if a grade was applied after making selections, the grade appeared to save successfully with respect to the previous rubric selections. We've sorted this! Rubric selections are all completely recovered upon returning to a rubric after exit.





Student summary comments are now completely visible
As a student viewing a summary comment left by an instructor, the summary comment appeared cut off at the bottom, and could only be viewed by exiting the submission, then accessing it again. We've resolved this! The summary comment is now always visible to students, just as it should be!





Line breaks are a go! Insert a double line break and it will now stick!
A few of our instructors who updated to version 3.1 of the app reported that, after hitting Done upon completing a summary comment, line breaks were removed. Double line breaks would be converted into a single line break, leaving feedback to appear as a large chunk of text. This issue passed into the desktop version of Feedback Studio and looked what we can only describe as 'icky'. This was certainly not an intended behavior... we've managed to fix this, with line breaks staying put!



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