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Support Wizard Release Notes

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2016 July 14th


What we’ve been working on...

  • User-friendly side panel
  • More content and user solutions
  • Accessibility improvements


User-friendly side panel


The support wizard now offers scalability and flexibility in the form of a self-service portal. Navigation is much easier with the introduction of a side panel, providing a one-stop-shop to all Turnitin help services. The self-service portal allows quick access to popular solutions and known issues, as well as system status and requirements. We've also included a Trouble Logging In? page to assist users in accessing their accounts as quickly as possible, without having to raise a ticket.


More content and user solutions


This update offers more administrator solutions, with refined categories and subcategories, making self-service even easier, particularly when making requests to the Turnitin support team. Our next update will see further changes to instructor and student solutions.


Accessibility improvements


The support wizard now provides greater accessibility for blind and partially-sighted users, through improved screen reader compatibility. The color choices in the support wizard all adhere to AAA Compliancy; this is a big focus for Turnitin's commitment to accessibility and usability.


The Turnitin support wizard and extra support pages can be accessed from Why not bookmark it for later?





2016 April 20th


What we’ve been working on...


  • New and updated administrator solutions

  • User feedback functionality

  • Improved navigation


New and updated administrator solutions


We've been busy adding and updating solutions in the Turnitin support wizard, in order to help  administrators resolve common Turnitin issues and receive quick guidance on using the Turnitin service.


We have new help sections in the wizard to assist you in making requests specific to the Turnitin support team, getting started with the Turnitin Feedback Studio (Beta Mode), working with rubrics, grading forms, and QuickMarks, as well as configuring integrations.



User feedback functionality


It is now possible for you to provide feedback for each solution in the Turnitin support wizard. We've implemented Did you find this helpful? icons, which will help us focus on the solutions that you think need improvement.



Improved navigation


We want you to be able to gain support from our dedicated support team quickly and easily; that's why we've changed our button text to Raise a Ticket. This button can be clicked in the instance that the solution provided has been unable to resolve your query. We believe that this new, clearer text will cause less frustration for users who'd like to speak to our support team.





2016 March 23rd


What we’ve been working on...


  • Streamlined access to the wizard

  • Knowledge base can be opened inside the wizard

  • A mobile friendly support wizard and form


Streamlined access to the wizard

The support wizard can now be accessed from the "Help Icon" on the Support homepage, making help much quicker and easier to access.


Knowledge base can be accessed inside the wizard


Should you require further help, we've embedded our popular solutions platform inside the wizard. This opens and closes from inside the wizard, saving you from having to navigate back and forth.


A mobile friendly support wizard and form


 We've made finding help and raising tickets on the go much easier, by creating a mobile responsive self-service platform.





2016 February 23rd


What we’ve been working on...


  • Brand new helpdesk form and help wizard​​​

This will replace the current helpdesk form. If in need of help, you will now land on the new wizard, where you can select from a set of categories and subcategories to find an answer to your problem. If you still require assistance, you will be directed to the helpdesk form, which has been given a fresh look. Our first release will be in English only. For now, users in other languages can continue to access their localized helpdesk form.

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