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Historical Analysis Rubrics in Feedback Studio (North America K-12 schools only)

We are excited to introduce two new rubrics for our North America K-12 customers. These rubrics are designed to support teachers of the social sciences. 

The rubrics:

  • Align with the College, Careers, and Civic Life standards (C3)
  • Align with the ELA writing standards at the national and state levels, including Common Core
  • Use common academic language and performance expectations for writing across disciplines


If you're actively using Revision Assistant and Feedback Studio together, you can now promote consistency in the classroom by adopting the same rubrics.


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 10.27.05 AM.png

Where can I find my new rubrics?


Your new genre-specific rubrics can be found in Turnitin Feedback Studio via or inside your learning management system (LMS) integration.



Select a paper from the assignment inbox to open Turnitin Feedback Studio.


Select the rubric icon Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 21.48.07.png from the toolbar.


Select the settings icon Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 21.49.06.png from the rubric side panel to open the rubric manager.


Select the menu icon feather_1-1-0_menu_256_0_000000_none.png in the top left-hand corner of the rubric manager.


Select a rubric from the rubric list.


Use the Attach to assignment toggle at the bottom of the manager to attach the rubric to the current assignment.
Need more info? Visit our rubric how-to guidance.



The Turnitin Revision Assistant Crosswalks highlight the similarities between our genre-specific rubrics and some of the most popular writing rubrics in the country, such as the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) ELA Text-Based Writing Rubrics.


Check out the  Crosswalks section within the Revision Assistant Curriculum Resources for more info.

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