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Improved Similarity Scoring

At Turnitin, we appreciate the importance of the Originality Report, and we are constantly seeking to deliver more reliable matches and a comprehensive Originality Report to our users.


From March 2016, when instructors opt to exclude bibliographic material from a Originality Report, we will recalculate the Similarity Score based on the remaining paper only. This update will provide you with a more accurate score.


The New Calculation


As an example, by opting to exclude a bibliography that constitutes 10% of a paper, we will now generate a report according to 90% of that paper. This is opposed to calculating reports out of 100%. In other words, reports will be calculated as if a paper's bibliography does not exist.


How Will This Affect Assignments?


For assignments that have not yet passed their due date, all reports will automatically regenerate in line with the improvement. Rest assured that reports for closed assignments will not be updated. If you have open assignments, we advise logging in to check regenerated reports, as this update may cause a slight increase to a paper’s Similarity Score. However, there will be no impact on a paper's word count.

Aligning Originality Reports with Scoring Improvements


If you’d prefer that all existing reports are aligned with our update (specifically for papers submitted to current assignments), you can simply opt to regenerate a new report from the Document Viewer.


Extending Due Dates After the Update


By extending a closed assignment’s due date - therefore reopening the assignment - all reports in the assignment will regenerate to align with our update.

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