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Turnitin release notes draft


2018 May 23rd

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What's new


font-awesome_4-7-0_lock_100_0_3f78c2_none.png New password requirements for a more secure Turnitin experience

Password policies evolve as we learn more about how passwords are used (and abused!). That's why we're making our password policy more secure and user-friendly!


Last year, the United States National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) formulated new guidelines for password policies, now used across the US government. To move away from following 'best practices' that have been found to offer little security, we've implemented some NIST rules. Below, you'll find your new Turnitin password criteria (it's really simple... promise!):


  1. Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters in length.
  2. Your password can be as long as you need it to be.
  3. You should not use a 'common' password.


The less predictable and more creative you are, the less likely your account is to become compromised, so make it a good one! You can use white space, special characters, and any letter case you prefer. Of course, we'll display a polite error message if your new password fails to meet the criteria.


Your existing password


  • We will not force you to change your existing password.
  • However, we encourage you to update your existing password if it fails to meet our new criteria.
  • If in the future, you need to change your existing password, you must follow the new criteria.


2018 June XX

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Fixes and enhancements


ETS logo.png Disabling online grading no longer disables ETS e-rater®​​​​​ with it

We identified a bug impacting the use of ETS e-rater® if an administrator disabled online grading in their Turnitin account settings. Now, should an administrator opt to disable online grading from the account features, they needn't worry about any other features being disabled, too. ETS e-rater® will remain active!


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