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UserVoice Release Notes

2016 May 3rd

Net Promoter Score


Turnitin's UserVoice page now allows users to provide Turnitin with a Net Promoter Score. A small star icon is positioned in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. When the star is clicked, users are asked the following: How likely would you be to recommend Turnitin to a friend or colleague? Users can then rate the Turnitin system on a scale of 0 to 10. This information will be fed back directly to the Turnitin product team.


Users are also asked to share optional feedback about the Turnitin system. Once a user gives feedback, the icon will disappear for 60 days, allowing us to track your satisfaction with the product over time.



2016 April 28th



We’re happy to announce a new feature within Turnitin’s UserVoice. SmartVote is an A/B testing feature, allowing users to prioritize the ideas that they agree with most, by choosing option A or option B. This information is then relayed back to the product, development, and management teams.


The SmartVote feature appears in the right-hand corner of Turnitin’s UserVoice forum with the option for a widget to be hosted directly within the product.



2016 March 31st

Removal of 'Funnel'


UserVoice has been completely updated with new statuses. The removal of the old statuses streamlines the UserVoice process and gives greater transparency to our product development. All ideas assigned with an existing status have now been updated. The product team is currently discussing the ideas which that not been assigned a status.


2016 March 9th



We’ve redesigned the look of our UserVoice page, making it easier to find ideas and contribute to the development of Turnitin. The navigation has been improved to allow users to find relevant information faster and easier than before.



We have transitioned the ideas on UserVoice from eleven to four simplified, yet more informative, idea statuses. The four new idea statuses will show feature progression from idea to implementation. The UserVoice update is a work in progress as we update each idea. We see this update resulting in a more open, efficient, and engaging relationship with our users.


At this time, we are working to deprecate old UserVoice statuses to make way for new:


  • Not at this time - This isn’t a firm no; the idea will remain in UserVoice and if it gains support from other users, the issue will be reviewed again.


  • Under Consideration -  Currently under consideration by the product and engineering teams. We’ll let you know of their decision as soon as it has been made.


  • Upcoming - Actively being worked on by our product and engineering teams. We aim to implement this feature within 12 months. Once development work is complete, we may contact those who have voted on this feature to take part in user acceptance testing.


  • Complete -  The idea has been accepted, built, and is now part of the product.


2016 February 29th

UserVoice Redesign


Over time, our user feedback forum, UserVoice, had become overgrown, complex, and difficult to navigate. This led us to review how we utilize UserVoice to interact with our users. 


Turnitin is evolving. We are becoming more agile and able to adapt to customers' needs quicker than before. As a first step towards this, we are happy to announce a redesign of our feedback platform, UserVoice. UserVoice is a service used to make it easier to listen to you - our users.


If you are an administrator or instructor within Turnitin, you already have access. Just log in to Turnitin and click the ‘Roadmap’ button in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Alternatively, use your Turnitin credentials to log in to


Each user can cast 10 votes against ideas that excite them. Have an idea that isn’t already listed? No problem! You can simply share it with us.



Some of the main changes you’ll see with this first iteration are focused around:



The new design will promote the core function of UserVoice. We’ve stripped back a lot of the clutter on the page and made it far simpler for you to find the information you are looking for, whether this be other users’ ideas or your own.

Responsive design


Allowing users to give us feedback, no matter the device they are using, is very important to us. We have made UserVoice much easier to use on smaller screens; the site will adjust to the device you are using, while retaining all of your required functionality.

In the coming weeks, we plan to release even more updates to further improve Turnitin’s UserVoice. Additional content changes will be accessible via our release notes, as well as this page.

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