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Turnitin Release Notes


2017 July 25th

What we've been working on...



Grade book preference values bug - A bug was causing customized grade display preferences to not save on creation. The feature now works as intended.


PeerMark comment deletion bug - In a small number of cases, when deleting a comment in PeerMark, comments would return after deletion. Comments will now delete and not return.


500 Error when an instructor isn't a member of any class - When an instructor who has a Turnitin account but was not a member of any institutional accounts it resulted in a 500 error when they navigated to the Instructor Homepage. One reason this could happen is if an instructor was dropped from an account by an administrator without being a member of any other accounts. A 500 error will now not appear. 



Multiple markers rubric improvement - When a secondary marker accessed an LTI assignment it was possible for them to accidentally remove an attached rubric. Now, when a secondary marker navigates to the rubric section of the LTI interface they will see Other Instructor's Rubric to indicate that a rubric is already attached. 



2017 July 18th

The Summer of Love has been about listening to users and improving areas of Turnitin that might have needed a little love. Included in this release are changes to Turnitin Feedback Studio, ETS Grammar check, and making PeerMark easier to use. 

What we've been working on...




You can see clearly now - We’ve improved the resolution of documents opened in Turnitin Feedback Studio. Text will now appear crisper and clearer than before, even after you zoom in closely.


Instantaneous grammar feedback - e-rater® grammar and spellcheck comments are now  automatically available for students immediately after submission.

Instructors are still able to view e-rater® feedback, but they are no longer required to view a submission to allow students to access their feedback.


PeerMark simplification - We believe that feedback is at the heart of the writing process. We’ve simplified the process for creating a PeerMark assignment, making it easier than ever for students to review each other's work.

Simpler Distribution Options - The biggest change is the way that papers are distributed between students. You can opt for Turnitin to draw names from a hat (it’s an electronic one with flashing lights, we swear), and automatically assign papers to students. As an instructor, you can set the number of papers you’d like a student to review; we’ll do the rest.

Alternatively, you can allow students to select the paper they’d like to review from those that have already been submitted to the assignment.

Immediate Feedback - When creating a PeerMark assignment, you are now only required to enter a start date and an end date. Student can perform reviews at any time between these two dates. Peer feedback will immediately be released without having to wait for a post date.


Although this update is only available in Turnitin Feedback Studio via or for now, we hope to extend the changes to our integrations in the future.

Full report Administrator stat options - Admins now have the ability downland the full report of administartor stats broken down either by account, class, instructor, or integration. 

Bug Fixes

Non-admins can set their default user as admin - There had been a bug where non-administrator users were able to set their default user type as admin. We've squished it so users should only see relevant options.



2017 July 5th


What we've been working on...



Submission preview image bug - Very rarely a bug would cause the preview image on the paper submission screen produce a 500 error. The preview image will now display at all times without error. 


Turnitin Feedback Studio launch banner not displaying - We're very excited that everyone will soon get to experience Turnitin Feedback Studio. We think you'll love it! However, the banner letting you know about the general switch to Feedback Studio was not showing for some people when they switched back to Turnitin Classic. The banner will now appear for all users who are due to make the switch.



Grading template bug - When creating a grading template submission in LTI clicking on the Continue button would make multiple instances of the same submission. On refreshing the assignment inbox they would disappear but would still exist within Turnitin. This bug has now been squished.


2017 June 21st


What we've been working on...



Additional privacy notices - We take the data privacy of everyone of our users seriously. As a part of this commitment we have added an additional privacy notice to our login pages and each step of the submission process to provide absolute clarity for users about how we use their data. 

The notice reads:

'We take your privacy very seriously. We do not share your details for marketing purposes with any external companies. Your information may be shared with our third party partners ONLY so that we may offer our service.'



2017 June 14th


What we've been working on...



Paper view request bug - When receiving a paper view request, as a part of the request email, you’d expect to find a plain text version of the requested paper; however, a bug prevented the paper from appearing in the email. We’ve squished this bug! Paper view requests are working as expected.


Submission release option bug - The option to amend or enable automatic sharing of matching papers within your institutional account failed to appear for administrators. Rest assured that if this option was already enabled, users did not lose access to this functionality. The option can be found again in the administrator account settings.


Expired class notification bug - When a class expires you should see a notification whenever you try to access the class homepage or assignment inbox. Notifications were appearing, but they didn’t reflect the error itself. This has now been changed to show the same message consistently.



2017 June 6th

New feature: Designate a central email address to receive all paper view requests



One of Turnitin’s unique capabilities is identifying potential instances of cross-institutional plagiarism and student collusion. We have long given customers the option to reach out to other institutions via email to request information that could aid in investigating and managing potential academic dishonesty.


You can now choose the email address that paper view requests are sent to when paper source release is enabled. Previously, when an institution received a paper view request, the request was sent only to the instructor who created the assignment. Now, as an account administrator, you can designate a specific email address to receive paper view requests.



As institutions increasingly develop more structured academic integrity policies and processes, many of our customers have centralized responsibility for managing potential instances of cross-institutional plagiarism and collusion. If this is your policy, we want to give you the opportunity to choose a specific email address for your institution’s paper view requests to be sent to. This allows you to deal with requests as an institution. If you prefer for instructors to receive paper view requests, we’ve kept that option available for you.



To enable this feature, navigate to the account settings page. Under the Submission Release header, you can opt to continue sending paper view requests to the instructor who initially created the assignment, or you can choose to have paper view requests delivered to a designated email address within your institution.


One more thing...

We've fixed a bug that was causing multiple entries for the same submission in some accounts.



2017 April 27th


What we've been working on…


Upload Submission button - We've moved the Upload Submission in the LTI Assignment Dashboard from beneath the graphic to being above the graphic. It's a subtle change but will allow you to still see the button while using smaller iframes making things much more usable. It also looks a little prettier but we're biased.  



2017 April 27th


What we've been working on…


  • ‘Join passwords’ are now 'Join keys'

  • ‘Roadmap’ is now 'Suggestions'

  • Fix released for Admin Stats in IE11 and Chrome 38

  • Warning message for attaching a new rubric has changed

  • Fixed a bug with resubmissions in Canvas

  • Fixed a bug preventing the creation of PeerMark assignments in Blackboard Basic



‘Join passwords’ are now 'Join keys' - We’ve been doing some spring cleaning and changing some of the words we use in Turnitin. During discussions with users, we found that there was confusion with the multiple uses of the term ‘password’ in the system, despite them not actually being passwords, due to them being designed to be shared with other members of your institution for class or account access.

Join passwords are now known as Join keys.
Enrollment passwords are now known as Enrollment keys.


‘Roadmap’ is now 'Suggestions' - We love to hear your feedback and ideas on how we can improve Turnitin. We had found that ‘Roadmap’ didn’t really make much sense for a lot of users. We’ve changed this to ‘Suggestions’, and we welcome any and all that you may have!



If you are an admin or an instructor clicking on the ‘Suggestions’ link, this will log you into our UserVoice portal. In UserVoice, you can view other suggestions that instructors around the world have already made, vote on the suggestions you agree with, and make your own.


Released a fix for Admin Stats in IE11 and Chrome 38 - We recently launched the new and improved Admin Account Statistics and we’ve already received a lot of great feedback! Unfortunately, a bug prevented those using IE11 or Chrome 38 from accessing the statistics page. This bug has now been squished, and IE11 and Chrome 38 users shouldn’t have any more problems.


Warning message for attaching a new rubric has changed - We've changed the messaging displayed when a new rubric is attached to an assignment or when detaching a rubric from an assignment. When a rubric is detached or changed, any feedback left using this rubric is lost. Although we already told users that this data loss would happen, our message wasn’t as clear as it could have been, leading to unintentional data loss.

We’ve updated the message that is shown when removing or attaching a new assignment to be much clearer.





Fixed a bug with resubmissions in Canvas - If a user tried to download their originally submitted file while resubmissions were enabled for the assignment, a bug presented only the first version of the file for download, rather than the final, resumitted file. This has now been fixed; the user will only be able to download the last file submitted to the assignment.


Fixed a bug preventing the creation of PeerMark assignments in Blackboard Basic - When trying to create a PeerMark assignment in Blackboard Basic it would result in an error message being shown. A fix for this bug has now been applied and PeerMark assignments are able to be created. 




What we've been working on...




  • New feature release of administrator account statistics
  • Resolved a bug detaching the rubric from an assignment
  • Removed the top-level account delete icon from sub-administrator view


Feature release of administrator account statistics - A high-level overview of your account statistics is now available for specific date ranges. Administrators can download detailed usage data in the form of a .CSV file, as well as view graph summaries of the following:

  • Submissions
  • High Similarity Reports
  • Submissions with Feedback


Common Core rubric reports are also available for .CSV download, providing the date range selected is anywhere up to six months.


For guidance on using and interpreting account data, click here.

Removed the top-level account delete icon from sub-administrator view - Sub-administrators who were not the main account administrators appeared to have the option to delete their top-level account. However, during bug testing, it was found that, although the delete icon was visible, the action would not process and an error message would display (phew). We’ve removed the delete icon for top-level accounts from appearing to sub-administrators to avoid any future confusion.




Resolved a bug which detached the rubric from an assignment - After an integrations instructor created an assignment with a rubric attached to it, we noticed that a second instructor accessing the assignment saw no rubric attached in the assignment settings, but could still use the rubric for grading. If the second instructor edited and saved over the original assignment settings, this would clear it from the assignment entirely, causing the rubric to disappear from submissions that had already been graded using this rubric. Now, rest assured that rubrics will stay with the assignment when a setting amendment is made by any instructor.



2017 April 4th
What we've been working on...

The long since deprecated listserv management admin option still had UI elements within the service indicating that it could still be used. This has now been removed from the Administrator user info page.



2017 March 30th


What we've been working on...

LTI Integrations


Microsoft OneDrive Submissions - We’ve added the ability to upload submissions to Turnitin via Microsoft OneDrive when using LTI. You can find substantial guidance about how to use our LTI integrations by following this link. 





2017 March 24th


What we've been working on...




Administrator Homepage Bug - When an administrator user set the Administrator Homepage to be the default page for their account they would lose access to that page when they changed the view to the Instructor Homepage. This has been fixed. 


Improved Security Questions - We've changed our password reset security questions to better reflect industry standards. When creating a new account we now ask questions with answers that are less readily available on social media, yet are still memorable. Current users can still reset their passwords using their old password and question. 



2017 March 21st


What we've been working on...




Access QuickMark breakdown from class homepage - Instructors can now access a list of the different QuickMarks used across their class, as well as how frequently these QuickMarks have been used on student papers. The QuickMark breakdown can be found beneath the class title.



LTI Integrations


PeerMark reviews now launch in PeerMark document viewer - As we will soon be transitioning our users to Turnitin Feedback Studio, we thought it wise to move peer reviews out of the Turnitin Classic document viewer. Students can now view their peer reviews within the PeerMark interface. Nothing to worry about; students will still see all of the same information as before! In fact, this is a more consistent experience!




2017 March 16th


What we've been working on...




Localized date formats - We have updated how we display dates for the localized versions of Turnitin. Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, and Korean localizations have been updated to reflect this change.

Previously the dates used the following format:


Chinese Simplified: ‘12日-03月’

Chinese Traditional: ‘12日-03月’

Japanese: ‘12日-03月’

Korean: ‘12일-03월


Now, the dates for these localizations have been changed to the following:

Chinese Simplified: ‘03月12日’

Chinese Traditional: ‘03月12日’

Japanese: ‘03月12日’

Korean: ‘03월 12일’



2017 March 14th


What we've been working on...



Exclude sources by word count reinstated - In assignment settings, the ability to exclude sources by word count has been reactivated.



2017 March 9th


What we've been working on...



  • Several security improvements
  • Exclude by small matches is now Exclude by small sources


Exclude by small matches - We felt that 'Exclude by small matches' didn't fully reflect how this feature works so we have changed the wording. When creating a new assignment, or editing an old one, you will be now be given the option to choose if you would like to exclude small sources. Exclusion is by percentage of the source.



2017 March 7th


What we've been working on...




Re-submitting on behalf of a student - Some users had reported that they were unable to re-submit on behalf of a student in some LTI implementations. This has now been fixed.


2017 February 28th


What we've been working on...




Password reset error messages - After entering incorrect data during the password reset process (such as an incorrect email address), you might have noticed that the resulting error message would remain on the screen after successfully resetting your password. Sorry about that; we really didn't mean to worry you. Error messages will now clear after being addressed, just as you'd expect them to.




  • 502 bad gateway message

  • Switching between Turnitin Classic viewer and Turnitin Feedback Studio

502 Errors - Some users using our Blackboard integrations had difficulty accessing Turnitin and would be presented with a ‘502 Bad Gateway’ error. Our engineers have resolved this.


Switching between Turnitin Classic viewer and Turnitin Feedback Studio - Users may have experienced difficulty switching from the Turnitin Classic viewer to Turnitin Feedback Studio. The ‘Try the New Feedback Studio’ link wouldn’t respond and appeared to be ‘Saving…’, yet failed to update. We’ve fixed this! The switch should now happen seamlessly, so you can go right back to enjoying the Turnitin Feedback Studio.



2017 February 22nd


What we've been working on...




  • Changes to our choice of wording in Turnitin

  • Improvements to translations

  • Extra security added to account creation forms


Changes to our choice of wording in Turnitin - We’ve started our spring cleaning a little early this year by improving some of the language you see when creating a new Turnitin account. You’ll notice that some of the older, clunky language we once used is now a lot clearer and easier to follow. This change will help to onboard members of your institution much more quickly than before! Watch this space for similar changes in future releases.


Improvements to translations - We noticed that text within the Turnitin footer was still awaiting translation, with several English words popping up where you’d least expect them. We apologize for this slip! The English we’ve identified has now been translated in all nineteen non-English languages supported by Turnitin. Please contact us if you happen to identify any non-translated words or phrases when viewing Turnitin in your preferred language.


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 16.32.12.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 16.32.03.png


Extra security added to account creation forms - We’ve added a reCAPTCHA to the bottom of our account creation form for added security.



We haven’t seen any problems with ‘brute force’ attacks, but we’ve added this extra security layer just in case. reCAPTCHA is, as Google puts it, ‘Tough on bots, easy on humans’, and in the vast majority of cases, is as simple as clicking on a checkbox to ensure you are not a robot. If you are a robot please get in touch as we have a tortoise that would like to meet you. reCaptcha is also fully accessible and works with major screen readers. Read more about reCAPTCHA and accessibility.



2017 February 14th


What we've been working on...




Localized helpdesk forms - After great feedback about the English language versions of our new support forms we are now making localized versions available in all nineteen non-English languages that Turnitin supports.



2017 February 7th


What we've been working on...

Fixed a bug with class sections - When trying to create class sections within a master class it would result in an error message telling the instructor about the requirements for creating a class section rather than creating one, despite the entered details being correct. This has now been fixed and class sections are created as normal.



2017 February 1st1st
What we've been working on...


  • Fixed a bug with class sections
  • Extended the character limit for class title from 100 to 300 characters
  • Changed the color scheme for error messages

Fixed a bug with class sections - When trying to create new class sections, some instructors found that this resulted in errors despite a valid user being added. This was limited to user accounts that had their default role set to 'admin' or 'student'. This problem has now been fixed.
Extended the character limit for class title from 100 to 300 characters - Some users found the 100 character limit for class titles restrictive; we've now extended it to 300 characters. The change hasn’t quite reached our integrations yet, but will be coming soon. Exactly the length of this message!


Changed the color scheme for error messages - Until now, our error messages and success messages all looked the same. This caused confusion, as messages that should have been positive - such as making a successful change to your user profile - would be shown in a red. Error messages remain red and 'positive' messages now appear in green. 




2017 January 25th


What we've been working on...



  • We’ve updated our login pages to create a more consistent experience

  • Changed the login page to use HTTPS

  • Removed the ‘Account is nearing its student limit’ notification for instructors

  • Russian and Polish are now out of beta

  • Fixed a bug with allow any file type


Updated our login pages to create a more consistent experience - We’ve updated our login, create an account, and password reset pages to be more consistent with what you might be used to with our main website. All functionality remains the same; things just look prettier now.


Removed the ‘Account is nearing its student limit’ notification for Instructors - Up until now, instructors would see a warning when their account was near to reaching its student limit. As this warning is more aimed at administrators, we have stopped this warning message from appearing to Instructors. Don’t worry, admins! You’ll still be notified if your account is near reaching its limits. If you ever run into this problem, we’ve put together some guidance on how you can best manage your account’s student limits.


Changed login page to use HTTPS - Previously all pages after logging into Turnitin would use HTTPS however the login page itself still used HTTP. Now only HTTPS login pages can be used to access Turnitin. If you had our old page bookmarked you'll automatically be redirected. You can find the login page here.


Russian and Polish are now out of beta  -  We sometimes keep the beta tag on a language for a while to ensure that our translations are properly localized, preventing folks using the localized site from having any problems with using Turnitin.

With this release of Turnitin, we are removing the beta tag for both Russian and Polish; however, we are always happy to hear any feedback if you find something that might read a little oddly. 


Fixed a bug with allow any file type - This… unintended feature would potentially result in a submission with less than 20 words trying to still generate a similarity report, causing our system to display a constant ‘Pending’ message.


Now, if a student submits a file with less than 20 words, we’ll show a message, letting them know that a Similarity Report won’t be generated for that submission. Student’s will also now not be stuck in a ‘pending’ limbo, and the Similarity Report column will appear blank. 



2017 January 12th

What we've been working on...



  • Fixed a bug where using non-integer characters for parts of account creation would result in a 500 error
  • We've made improvements to the security of our account join form

Account Creation 500 Error - If a user attempted to use non-numeric characters in the Account ID field, this resulted in a 500 error. When a user now makes this error, they will receive an error message asking them to resolve the issue and try again.

Account Join Form Security - The Password text box of the account join form was previously of the text field type. We have changed this to now be the password field type. Security of accounts remains as strong as ever; however, this change aligns the form with best industry practice and will visually obfuscate the password you have entered while using the form.


  • Multi-file upload 403 errors
  • Fixed error callbacks in some integrations to be clearer
  • Cosmetic errors during empty text submissions


Multi-file upload 403 errors - Multi-file uploads would sometimes cause 403 and 500 errors when submitting. This has now been fixed. 


Fixed error callbacks in some integrations to be clearer - Sometimes, errors would go unnoticed as each callback was being called twice resulting in a successful state. This has now been fixed so that a correct error status is shown when a callback fails.


Cosmetic errors during empty text submissions - When a user tried to submit to Turnitin using the text box submission method, leaving the text field blank, this would cause some minor cosmetic errors after showing the error message. These have now been fixed.


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