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Turnitin Release Notes


2017 November 16th

What we've been working on...


Zip file download includes all submissions - The legacy API allows existing users to submit even if they were not enrolled in a class. This caused a problem during bulk download of papers where their submissions would not be included in the zip file. We've fixed this and any paper that you see in the assignment inbox will be included in the assignment inbox.



2017 November 1st

What we've been working on...


Several updates to the wording we use within Turnitin - This All Hallows' we've been dusting away the cobwebs and doing some long overdue updates to some of the wording we use. This includes a few minor grammar fixes and making sure things are named the same thing throughout the whole of Turnitin. 



2017 October 25th


What we've been working on...


Added the time zone to student and instructor dates in our LTI integration - We’ve added the time zone abbreviation to the end of dates in the LTI assignment inbox. Now, whether you are an instructor creating an assignment, or a student submitting to one, the time and date will be relevant to the time zone that you are in.




2017 October 17th


What we've been working on...


Decimal values stopping rubrics saving - If you tried to use a decimal value for a rubric field without a leading integer (.5 instead of 0.5) an error would be displayed and you'd be unable to save the rubric. After then adding a leading integer the error would persist. We've managed to squish this particularly pointy bug. 



2017 October 10th


What we've been working on...


Blackboard Basic


500 error in PeerMark - We received a report that students were receiving 500 errors when trying to write peer reviews and instructors received the same when attempting to read their student's peer reviews. This was a result of an underscore being used in place of a student's first name. We've fixed the issue, now ensuring that if an underscore is used in the future, the system can handle this without returning any obnoxious errors.



2017 October 9th


What we've been working on…



Original file download bug - When trying to download the original file for a submission from within Feedback Studio it would intermittently fail. We've found the underlying reason for this and fixed it. 




Copy and Paste Canvas LTI submissions not showing in SpeedGrader - Building on our last release another bug presented itself after our original fix for this issue which caused Copy and Paste Canvas LTI submissions to not show correctly in SpeedGrader. We revisited this issue and were able to find the root cause.

If you, or your students, made any copy and paste submissions before October 6th that are still not appearing in SpeedGrader our product support team can help. Send an email to with the Paper ID and ask for the callback to be resent.


Blackboard Basic: Student name PeerMark bug - If you created a student with an underscore in their name and then created a PeerMark assignment the student would be unable to read or write any reviews. We've fixed the problem that was causing this issue.



2017 September 25th


What we've been working on…




Paper view request bug - When asking to view a paper from another an institution an email is sent to the hosting institution informing them of the request. Our wires had got a little crossed and the email was being sent but it was missing the copy of the original file and instead showed the error ‘The paper is currently unavailable’. We’ve managed to track down this bug and fixed it.




Copy and Paste Canvas LTI submissions not showing in SpeedGrader - When using the Copy and Paste method of submitting to Canvas using our LTI integration a bug caused submissions to intermittently not be passed to SpeedGrader. Now submissions should be passed correctly all the time.



2017 September 5th


What we've been working on...




Syllabus Display Bug - When viewing a syllabus via the class calendar some issues occurred when trying to switch between formatted and unformatted views. The transition between views should now be seamless.


TA Class copy icon removal - When added to a master class a TA was shown the icon that allows primary instructors to use the class copy feature. TAs are restricted to the master classes they have been added to so when they clicked on the copy class icon they were presented with an error. This icon has been removed for TAs and they will now only see a blank column.  




LTI Reveal Author’s Identity button - There had been an issue where, when using anonymous marking, the ‘Reveal Author’s identity’ button didn’t work the first time you clicked it but would work subsequent tries. We’ve given this button a liberal spray of oil to make sure it doesn’t get stuck and it will now work the first time.

Blackboard Basic class statistics tab removal -  Class statistics were retired in Turnitin in a previous release. However, the page was still accessible in our Blackboard Basic integration which would show an error when trying to access it. This tab has now been removed to avoid any confusion.




2017 August 30th


What we've been working on...


We’ve made some improvements to the submission inbox in our LTI integration.



Deciding that the previous layout was a bit too cluttered, we moved the download buttons to the right of the screen to make them stand out more. And now if you select more than one submission using the checkboxes to their right, a counter will show you how many you have selected in the Download Selected button.


The column headers are clearer. The Viewed column now contains iconography that will allow instructors to distinctly see whether a student has viewed their feedback, and the Options column now contains a smart sub-menu containing the Upload, Download, and Delete options.  The color indicators of the Similarity column are now in line with the style of our native application.


Check out this quick video walkthrough for a visual guide to the new changes.



One more thing…

We’ve taken this opportunity to squash some bugs!  We’ve resolved a pesky grade callback problem in our LTI integration, and an issue affecting active student list downloads.  



2017 August 16th


What we've been working on...

‘Active’ students are now ‘Enrolled’ students - The user interface in the Account Status page has been updated so that ‘Active’ Students are now ‘Enrolled’ Students. This better reflects what the number represents. Turnitin records students as enrolled if they are joined to a non-expired class. There is no functional change to how student numbers are calculated. 


QuickMark report bug - When attempting to download a QuickMark report that contained an equals sign (=) in its title, this resulted in a 500 error, preventing you from successfully downloading the report. This has now been resolved.


Empty grade can’t be saved - In trying to completely remove a grade from a submission, the change would fail to save. You can now change the grade without issue.

Misaligned text when downloading current view - When downloading the current view of an opened submission, some elements of the downloaded report would be misaligned or overlap. The report will now download with correct formatting.


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