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Changing available search repositories

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Select Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 4.01.15 PM.png Settings from the sidebar.


You can select the Turnitin search repositories that users can choose to compare their submission against. Change your search targets by selecting the different checkboxes. Your selections will adjust the available search repositories in your users' account settings:



Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 13.44.12.png

Turnitin's 'web crawler' actively archives websites and holds over 62 billion current and removed pages in our database. 



Submitted Works

This is an umbrella term for all items previously submitted to any of the repositories that an account has been set up with. There are three submitted works repositories available to SimCheck accounts:

  • Private institutional repository
  • Private group repository (e.g. a country or any specifically requested group)


By default, all accounts are set up with their own private institutional repository. However, some accounts are also set up with a private group repository. As an administrator, you must request this through your account manager.


Any Submitted Works repositories that the account has been set  will be listed (as pictured above).


If everything looks good, hit the Save button to apply your changes. 


Made a mistake? Press the Reset button to start again.

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