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Excluding content across all reports

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Content exclusions can include removing any matches to the bibliography or any places within a document where the author has used quotes.



Changing your settings will only change the setting for future uploads. If required, previously uploaded documents will need to be individually adjusted. 



Select Settings from the sidebar.


Using the checkboxes, select the content types you would like to exclude from all future documents:


Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 13.44.12.png



Originality Check looks for header phrases associated with terminology relating to a bibliography and excludes any material following it from the Similarity Report. Originality Check then looks for a terminating header to resume the similarity check. A full list of beginning and terminating phrases can be found here.



Originality Check looks for all content between quotation marks and excludes this text from the report. A list of supported quotation mark types can be found here.



If everything looks good, select the Save button to apply your changes. 


Made a mistake? Press the Reset button to start again.

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