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Bibliography and quote exclusion definitions


Turnitin will detect the following keywords and disregard any matches after the keyword:

Beginning phrases


  • reference
  • references
  • reference list
  • reference cited
  • references cited
  • reference and note
  • reference and notes
  • references and note
  • references and notes
  • reference & note
  • references & note
  • reference & notes
  • references & notes
  • references and further reading
  • resource
  • resources
  • resources directory
  • bibliography
  • bibliographic Information
  • works cited
  • work cited
  • citations
  • literature
  • literature cited

Terminating phrases

However, when the document reaches any of the following words in the paper, it will resume the similarity check:


  • appendix
  • appendices
  • glossary
  • table
  • tables
  • acknowledgement
  • acknowledgements
  • exhibits
  • figure
  • figures
  • chart
  • charts


Supported marks


Turnitin will disregard any matches that use the following quotation marks:

"..." «...»  »...« 《...》 〈...〉 ...』 

Unsupported marks


Turnitin will not disregard matches using single quotation marks '...'



Turnitin does not exclude 'quotes' between "quotes". For example: "This text would be excluded 'but this text would not be excluded' then this text would also be excluded."

Block quotations


Turnitin will exclude block quotation (an indented block of text) when the original file is a .doc or .docx file.

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