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What is Turnitin?


Turnitin is a suite of feedback and grading tools used by institutions around the world. When you submit a file to Turnitin, a similarity report generates. What's a similarity report? Simply, it is a list of times the text in your document matched against content in our database. Turnitin is designed to make both you and your instructor's lives easier, through getting faster, personal, feedback on your work.

Who can see my paper?


Only your instructor can decide who sees your paper. Turnitin staff never see your paper unless responding to a support query. If someone matches against the content in your work the instructor for that course can request to view it. Paper view requests are sent directly to your instructor, and they will then determine if they should share it or not. Optionally, the administrator for your school can allow other instructors at your school to bypass the paper view request process.

Does Turnitin infringe on my intellectual property rights?


Turnitin does not ever assert or claim copyright ownership of any works submitted to or through our service. We do not, and will not, use your intellectual property for any purpose other than to facilitate your use of Turnitin. In March 2008, Judge Claude Hilton dismissed a lawsuit against Turnitin. In his summary judgment, he said that Turnitin does not violate the copyrights of students whose papers are stored in the Turnitin database. 

Can I use Turnitin to test my paper before sending it to my instructor?


Your instructor has multiple optional settings they can choose when creating an assignment. If they have enabled resubmissions for the assignment you will be able to submit your file multiple times before the end of the assignment. 

How can I change my email address?


When you are logged into Turnitin select your name or the User Info link in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. 



The User Information/Account Settings page allows you to change several things about your account including your email address, password, and secret question.

I can't join my class. My ID number and enrollment key aren't working.


Due to privacy and security concerns, we cannot give out passwords. However, if you would like for us to confirm your enrollment information, please send us an email including your class ID number and enrollment key.


If the enrollment information you have is incorrect, you will need to consult your instructor in order to ensure that you have the correct enrollment information and correct any discrepancies. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive.

Submitting a Paper

How do I submit a paper?


1. Log in to your account and navigate to your class.

2. Click on the Submit button beside your assignment to start your submission

3. Complete your submission by following the steps shown on screen. 


Note: Turnitin will only accept one submission per assignment by default. Your instructor can decide whether or not you can resubmit.


Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation screen. If your paper has been submitted properly, you will be taken to a screen with your digital receipt, which will also be emailed to you. The date of the submission will be shown under the 'submitted' column of your Class Homepage.


For further guidance on how to submit your paper follow this link

Turnitin won't accept my paper; I got an error message that my submission does not contain enough characters or words. How do I submit my paper? 


You have made a submission that Turnitin doesn't support. Typically, this happens in the case of an image or a scanned file. If you are trying to submit a PDF file, it needs to be created from a text document. We do not accept PDFs in image format. In order to test whether your PDF is a text document, open it in Adobe Acrobat and click on the Select Text option at the top of the screen. Proceed to highlight the text of your document with your mouse (these options may vary with PDF-reading programs other than Adobe Acrobat). If you are not able to highlight any text, your PDF is an image and does not contain text.


For further guidance on what file types are accepted by Turnitin follow this link

How do I submit my paper with the copy and paste method?


1. Navigate to your class

2. Select the submit button next to the assignment you wish to submit to

3. Open the Submit: drop-down menu at the top of the submit window.



4. Select the Cut & Paste Upload option.

5. Add your name and a title for the assignment

6. Cut and paste the text you wish to submit from your document into the text box

7. Select the Submit button to complete your submission.


Upon successful submission, you will see a confirmation screen. If you do not receive this confirmation message it is an indication that your paper has not been submitted properly.

How do I re-submit my paper?


Our system does not allow students to submit more than one paper per assignment. Therefore, if you have several components to your submission, please submit them together as one document.

If you wish to re-submit your paper, please consult your instructor. He or she has the ability to delete your submission so that you can make a new submission.


How do I get the digital receipt for my paper?


When you successfully submit a paper, the confirmation screen contains your digital receipt. The digital receipt is also automatically emailed to you. As this automated email is sometimes filtered as spam, please check your spam/bulk mail folder if you cannot find it in your inbox. You can download a copy of your digital receipt by opening your assignment in Turnitin Feedback Studio. 


For further guidance on how to get a copy of your digital receipt follow this link

Similarity Reports

How can I view Similarity Report for my submissions?  

When you have navigated to your class homepage you will see your similarity score under the Similarity heading. Clicking on either your similarity score or the View button.


If you encounter an inactive, gray report button on your portfolio, your similarity report is still processing and will be available within 24 hours. 


Note: When creating an assignment your instructor may optionally choose to not allow students to view their similarity report. 

The Similarity Report said my name was plagiarized? What?


Turnitin compares your paper by extracting the text from your submission and comparing it against our vast databases of prior submissions, websites, and journal content. 


Sometimes this will flag things like your name or your institution's name if they have been used in submissions previously. When creating the assignment your instructor can optionally choose to exclude small matches under a specified word count to avoid these types of small matches. 

How do I interpret the Similarity Report?  

Turnitin does not check for plagiarism in a piece of work. Instead, we will check your work against our database, and if there are instances where your writing is similar to, or matches against, one of our sources, we will note this for your instructor to review. Our database includes billions of web pages: both current and archived content from the internet, a repository of works students have submitted to Turnitin in the past, and a collection of documents, which comprises thousands of periodicals, journals, and publications.

It is perfectly natural for an assignment to match against some of our database. If you have used quotes and have referenced correctly, there will be instances where we will find a match. The similarity score simply makes your instructor aware of any problem areas in your paper; they will then use this as a tool as part of a larger process, in order to determine if the match is or is not acceptable.


For further guidance on how to interpret the similarity report follow this link.

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