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The Assignment Inbox

The Assignment Inbox for a particular class can be accessed by clicking a class name from the Turnitin homepage. The Assignment Inbox offers the following:


  • Assignment information
  • Key assignment dates
  • A paper's similarity score
  • Access to the document viewer
  • Submission capability
  • Paper download options
  • Rubric and grading form view


Viewing Assignment Instructions


The information icon provides access to any instructions that your instructor has deemed necessary to detail prior to submission. The assignment instructions will also note whether late submissions and resubmissions have been allowed for this assignment.


Simply click the i icon to display this information.



Viewing Rubrics and Grading Forms Prior to Submission


To provide insight into how your paper has been (or will be) marked, you can view an assignment's rubric or grading form at any time. The icon in the assignment inbox will differ, depending on whether a grading form or rubric has been (or will be) used to grade your paper.


1.  Click on the grading form or rubric icon from the assignment inbox.




2. Once you've selected the appropriate icon, your assignment's rubric or grading form will open in a new window. If the window does not appear, please check any pop-up blocker settings that may be in place.




Viewing Key Assignment Dates


Your key assignment dates consist of the assignment's start date, due date, and post date. Find below how we define each date.


Start date: The start date is the date and time you can begin submitting to the assignment.

Due date: The due date is the date and time your paper is due.

Post date: The post date is the date and time you can begin viewing feedback for your paper.

Downloading from the Assignment Inbox


If you have made a submission to an assignment, you can download the file in its originally submitted format, the file in PDF format, or the digital receipt for the submission.



Note: If you have not yet submitted your paper to Turnitin, the download function will be disabled.

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