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Grade Book

The Turnitin grade book allows an instructor to enter and calculate grades for students on assignments submitted to the instructor. The my grades tab appears on the class portfolio page when this product is available. 

The grade book can be used to track numeric grades, attendance, and notes as well as allowing students to graph their performance. To view any grades and attendance records or instructor notes visible in a specific class, open the class portfolio page and click on the my grades tab.


Viewing Grades


A student user’s grade page will show the papers and reviews the student has submitted along with any grades that have been given by the instructor on these submissions. The number in the points column shows the total number of points an assignment is worth. The number placed to the left of the points column shows how many points the student received for the assignment. The grade value for the submission appears in the grade column. Grades only become available on the post date of an assignment.

The top of the grades page shows the overall class grade and the attendance.




The instructor can enter a note alongside a grade for a submission. If the instructor has entered a note for the submission a note icon will appear next to the grade under the note column. Click on the note icon to view the instructor note. 



The full list of notes given to the student in a class can be viewed by clicking on the notes icon next to the grade summary at the top of the grade book window.


Graphing Tools


The graphing tools allow a student to view their own performance and the class average performance in line graph or pie chart formats. The graphing tools are accessed by clicking on the graphs button in grade book.



On the graphs page, the student will use the show pull down menu to select the graph type to view. 



Student users can select from the following graphs available in line or pie chart formats:


  • graphs showing class performance on all assignments
  • graphs showing student performance for all assignments
  • graphs comparing performance of this student to the class average

When viewing a line graph, a selection can be made to view grades as well as percentages. This is selected from the show breakpoints as drop down menu. Selecting grades adds the grades. The grades can be removed by selecting percentages.


Printing Graphs


All of the graphs in the grade book are available in a printer friendly version. To print a grade book graph, first click on the print view link below the graph. 



The print view for the graph will open in a new browser window. Once the print view is loaded, click on the print this graph link or use the print command on the web browser.




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