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Using Turnitin within a Third-Party App

Using Turnitin within a Third-Party App


Once you've navigated through your third-party app and tapped the Submit to Turnitin button, you can start to submit your paper. Follow the guidance below to use Turnitin's share extension.

1. (Logged out users) To initiate your submission, enter your login credentials, then click Log In. This prompt will only appear if you are logged out of the Feedback Studio for iPad app.



2. Tap to the right of Submission Title and enter your chosen title. Follow this by selecting the account, class, and assignment in which you would like to submit your paper.



3. Please remain patient while your paper submits to Turnitin. If you'd prefer to abort the submission, tap the Cancel button as quickly as possible.



4. Once your submission is complete, you will receive confirmation on-screen. Click Close to return to iCloud Drive.



Turnitin Errors During a Submission Attempt


When using a third-party application to submit to Turnitin, you may notice that the assignment you're attempting to submit to is greyed out. Explained below are the errors you may encounter during submission, what they mean, and how you may be able to fix this issue.


Turnitin Error Message What Does This Mean?
You can’t submit to this assignment because the assignment start date hasn't begun.

Not to worry. Simply wait until your assignment start date has arrived, then submit your file.


Click here for guidance on locating your assignment details.

You can’t submit this file because the assignment doesn't allow this file format.

Your instructor has opted to only allow files that can generate a Similarity Report. You must ensure that your file fits Turnitin's specification, then attempt to submit your file again.


Click here for a list of accepted file types for similarity-only assignments.

You can’t submit to this assignment because you already submitted.

You've received this message because Turnitin has already received your submission. A second submission cannot be accepted, as the assignment is not set up to accept resubmissions.

You can’t submit to this assignment because the due date has passed.

A submission cannot be accepted due to the assignment not being set up to accept late submissions after the due date.


Note: If you believe that the error message you are receiving is incorrect, please contact your instructor to correct this issue.

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